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Crown Stewardship areas encourage communities as they raise up faithful  stewards worldwide and grow God’s Kingdom

We're reaching to the far corners of the world to spread the biblical principles of stewardship and life.

God has shown us that the practice of biblical stewardship not only restores broken finances, it also restores broken marriages, families, businesses, communities - it can even change nations. Browse below to learn more about the work Crown is doing in different nations and locations, and as you feel led, join us.

If you would like to learn more about Crown's current work you can read our quarterly Global Outreach Newsletter HERE.

U.S. Based


Population: 2.32 Million

Pastors and lay leaders come from all over the U.S. to train on the principles of stewardship


Population: 470 Thousand

With Crown, we advance transformation in our  community as well as in the Caribbean and Central America


Population: 1.6 Million

The main focus of our ministry this past year is one-on-one budget coaching with couples and singles in the Phoenix area.

Richmond Stewardship Area Crown


Population: 230 Thousand

Serving churches, training volunteer leaders, and coaching clients since 2007. 

International Based


Population: 28.51 Million

Crown is working in Venezuela to help the growing need in food production and to end malnutrition.

Crown Chili Stewardship Center


Population: 17.57 Million

Training in farming, faith, and entrepreneurship will transform Chile to stewards of God.


Population: 264 Million

Crown Indonesia, formed in 2002, serves hundreds of people each year by hosting biblical financial studies and seminars


Population: 3.28 Million

In partnership with University of the Family, Crown transforms lives financially and spiritually.


Population: 800,264

Blantyre leaders are transforming lives with the first Crown Stewardship Center teaching farming, faith, finance, and family.


Population: 4.90 Million

Taking the Gospel to the ultra poor and unreached, Crown is aiding redemption in Talamanca.


Population: 2.53 Million

Through farming and finance, Crown is helping Namibia survive severe drought physically and spiritually.


Population: 12.2 Million

In partnership with Bridge to Rwanda, exponential impact and life change is happening through Crown teachings.


Partner: Amazing Graces

Amazing Graces Social investments is a Christian non-profit organization, based in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa.


Population: 16 Million

Zimbabwe is a difficult place to live. Serving Jesus and being salt and light in a crumbling moral society makes it all so worth while!


Population: 7.5 Million

The Hong Kong team are invited by radio , churches, and missionary organizations to speak on financial stewardship


Population: 38 Million

Crown Poland has operated since 2008, teaching resource stewardship in the country and beyond.


Population: 51 Million

Crown Ministries was first introduced into Korea in early 2004 by Dr. Jong S. Park, who translated the Biblical Financial Study (BFS).


Population: 31 Million

Since 2013, the Lord has blessed MoneyLife with 38 group studies and nine Career Direct group and consultant trainings.

Crown Locations Worldwide

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*CSC = Crown Stewardship Center