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You can help others build a life of freedom and purpose for their money and identity.

Help Others Live Out the Principles and Practices of God’s Economy

When you give to Crown, you become part of a community of faithful stewards committed to helping people understand who they are, what they have and how to use both for greater Kingdom purposes in the world.

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Become a Consultant or Coach

If you’re passionate about helping others find true financial freedom, apply to work with us!

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Lives That Have Been Changed

Read the stories of how Crown’s work around the world is changing lives and communities.

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Around the World
Partner of the Month: Crossing Cultures International
Each month, we will feature one of our partners, and we're excited to introduce you to David Nelson from...
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Around the World
Empowering Lives in Liberia: Transformation and Celebration
We received  from Crown Alliance Partner Benjamin Tomah in Liberia, recently taught Crown materials to a group of 107...
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Around the World
The Joy of the Lord!
In April of 2023, the Crown staff poured into the lives 20 people from Ntutile village. They are learning...
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Around the World
Crown Leaders Share the Gospel with the Poor in Hong Kong
Over the last year, Crown Hong Kong has expanded their outreach programs to minister to some of the people...
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Launch A Program

Launch a Program in Your Community

We want to equip local leaders to bring biblical truths about identity and money to their communities. If you’re interested in launching a program in your church, small group, or community, get in touch with us today.

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Join Crown’s Mission

We couldn’t do any of this without our incredible partnerships. If you’re interested in joining our mission to help people understand who they are, what they have, and how to use both well, click the button below.

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