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Chuck Bentley is CEO of Crown Financial Ministries, a global Christian ministry, founded by the late Larry Burkett. He is the host of a daily radio broadcast, My MoneyLife, featured on more than 1,000 Christian Music and Talk stations in the U.S., and author of his most recent book, Seven Gray Swans: Trends that Threaten Our Financial Future.

Ask Chuck Is It Time To Go All In On Gold
Ask Chuck: Is It Time to Go All in on Gold?
by Chuck Bentley | April 19, 2024
Dear Chuck, My husband is convinced that we should convert our entire 401k into gold. He’s concerned about several...
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Ask Chuck How To Stop Financial Procrastination
Ask Chuck: How to Stop Financial Procrastination
by Chuck Bentley | April 12, 2024
Dear Chuck, I just started my career. Can you give me some simple tips that could help me improve...
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Ask Chuck Breaking Financial Strongholds
Ask Chuck: Breaking Financial Strongholds
by Chuck Bentley | April 5, 2024
Dear Chuck, I am 32 years old and a fairly new believer. I am depressed by my poor handling...
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Ask Chuck Financial Advice For Unwanted Divorce 
Ask Chuck: Financial Advice for Unwanted Divorce 
by Chuck Bentley | March 29, 2024
Dear Chuck, My husband is seeking a divorce. I am in shock and not sure how I will survive...
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Ask Chuck Setting Up An Emergency Fund 
Ask Chuck: Setting up an Emergency Fund 
by Chuck Bentley | March 22, 2024
Dear Chuck, I’ve never had an emergency fund. My parents always helped when I got in a bind. Recently,...
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