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Chuck Bentley is CEO of Crown Financial Ministries, a global Christian ministry, founded by the late Larry Burkett. He is the host of a daily radio broadcast, My MoneyLife, featured on more than 1,000 Christian Music and Talk stations in the U.S., and author of his most recent book, Seven Gray Swans: Trends that Threaten Our Financial Future.

Ask Chuck Practical Advice For The Young And Broke
Ask Chuck: Practical Advice for the Young and Broke
by Chuck Bentley | August 11, 2023
Dear Chuck, My wife and I have decent jobs but spend everything we earn. My parents recently told us...
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Ask Chuck Helping Employees Through Financial Pain
Ask Chuck: Helping Employees Through Financial Pain
by Chuck Bentley | August 4, 2023
Dear Chuck, I run a small business. Some of my employees are struggling financially. Inflation has stretched their paychecks,...
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Ask Chuck July 2
Ask Chuck: Plan Now to Avoid “Debtmas”
by Chuck Bentley | July 28, 2023
Dear Chuck, My wife and I have two little ones. I love Christmas but always regret the financial stress...
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Ask Chuck July
Ask Chuck: Is a College Degree Necessary Anymore?
by Chuck Bentley | July 21, 2023
Dear Chuck, I’m 26 and single and would like to complete my business degree. I actually have a great...
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Ask Chuck How Do We Catch Up From Past Financial Mistakes 2
Ask Chuck: How Do We Catch Up from Past Financial Mistakes? Part 2
by Chuck Bentley | July 14, 2023
Dear Chuck,  My wife and I made more than our share of financial mistakes early in our marriage and...
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