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Ask Chuck Freedom From Financial Fears
Ask Chuck: Freedom from Financial Fears
by Chuck Bentley | June 14, 2024
Dear Chuck, I have the opportunity to buy a home from an older couple who needs to move to...
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Ask Chuck Guaranteed Income Programs Will Create More Poverty
Ask Chuck: Guaranteed Income Programs Will Create More Poverty
by Chuck Bentley | May 3, 2024
Dear Chuck, We believe in helping the poor, and we actively support numerous organizations along with our church’s benevolence...
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Ask Chuck Managing Inheritance Or Sudden Wealth 
Ask Chuck: Managing Inheritance or Sudden Wealth 
by Chuck Bentley | April 26, 2024
Dear Chuck, Before my grandfather was put on hospice care, he shared his estate plan with our family. He...
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Ask Chuck Is It Time To Go All In On Gold
Ask Chuck: Is It Time to Go All in on Gold?
by Chuck Bentley | April 19, 2024
Dear Chuck, My husband is convinced that we should convert our entire 401k into gold. He’s concerned about several...
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Ask Chuck Tips For Saving Money On Income Taxes
Ask Chuck: Tips for Saving Money on Income Taxes
by Chuck Bentley | March 1, 2024
Dear Chuck, We have always filed our taxes taking the standard deduction. A friend at church suggested I might...
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Ask Chuck Cd’s And Low Risk Investments For Cautious Investors
Ask Chuck: CD’s and Low-Risk Investments for Cautious Investors
by Chuck Bentley | January 12, 2024
Dear Chuck, I received a sizable bonus and am thinking about investing a portion of it into CDs while...
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Ask Chuck How Long Before Inflation Is Under Control
Ask Chuck: How Long Before Inflation Is Under Control?
by Chuck Bentley | October 27, 2023
Dear Chuck, Inflation is hitting our family hard. We keep hearing it is coming down, but it does not...
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Ask Chuck: Helping Canadian Friends Hurt by Inflation
by Chuck Bentley | September 1, 2023
Dear Chuck, I have friends living in Canada. They say the cost of living is so high that many...
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Ask Chuck Helping Employees Through Financial Pain
Ask Chuck: Helping Employees Through Financial Pain
by Chuck Bentley | August 4, 2023
Dear Chuck, I run a small business. Some of my employees are struggling financially. Inflation has stretched their paychecks,...
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Ask Chuck: Climbing Out of a Financial Dark Hole
by Chuck Bentley | June 30, 2023
Dear Chuck, I am overwhelmed with financial challenges. I constantly feel defeated and discouraged to the point of giving...
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