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About Crown

Helping people understand who they are, what they have and how to best use both.

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Advancing proven Biblical solutions to economic challenges.

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We envision a world filled with individuals, families, communities, and nations flourishing through the principles and practices of Biblical economic solutions.

Who are we helping?

Because money and identity impact every person, in every socioeconomic bracket, in every country around the world, Crown’s principles and resources help everyone.

What are we doing?

We focus on providing experienced wisdom, proven resources, and timeless biblical truth on the topic of money and identity to the rich, poor, and everyone in between.

Brand Statement

At Crown, we help you to discover who you are, what you have and how to best use both.

How We Operate

Crown is the trusted guide that helps people to understand and act on who they are, what they have and how to use both well. We utilize the virtuous cycle based on biblical principles below.

How We Operate
5 Essentials Of Gods Economy

5 Essentials
of God’s Economy

See the Impact

Discover stories illustrating the profound impact of individuals and communities embracing biblical stewardship principles, and learn more how lives are being transformed through the empowering message of living freely in Christ.

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Statement of Faith

Core Values

Crown’s Core Values are based on the truths contained in God’s Word. These are the fundamental guiding principles for Crown’s staff, leaders and volunteers that must never be compromised…the plumb line to ensure all of our outreaches are aligned with His plans and purposes.

We are a movement of like-minded disciples of Jesus Christ working together for God’s Kingdom and glory – not our own. The Lord owns the ministry and He directs it. We will not waiver from the biblical principles, and we will strive for biblical accuracy in our teachings. As a spirit-led organization we seek out and listen to God’s leading in our strategy and calling. We will not trust in clever leadership, but humbly depend on Christ to direct us. The more we depend on Him for His guidance and blessing, the more fruitful the ministry will be. Both in our business and personal lives, we will model what we teach. Our priority is changing lives and helping to build the Kingdom of God. Serving in ministry is our opportunity to worship God and express our love for Christ and others.

We want to do everything with the highest degree of integrity possible, and expect those in our movement to be people of Godly character including:

  • A demonstration of the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5)
  • Absolute integrity – no hidden agenda or conflict of interest
  • Authentic Stewards – people who practice what Crown teaches
  • Grounded in God’s Word and in good standing in a local Bible-believing church

We must never become complacent with the quality of our work. It is God who allows us to accomplish anything and press on toward our calling. Therefore, we must constantly seek to improve in everything we do. At Crown, we will encourage innovation and a willingness to adapt to change. We will consistently evaluate what we are doing, comparing it to what is possible and what is needed. Our eyes are focused to look for what God blesses or opportunities that He presents to Crown to further expand the mission of Crown.

We serve others in a spirit of grace and humility with kindness. We avoid arrogance, embarrassing others or using guilt to motivate change. Crown seeks to build a family of faith by:

  • Nurturing relationships with one another by loving each other (John 13:35)
  • Striving for unity (Philippians 2:1-2)
  • Caring for each other (Galatians 6:2)
  • Praying for each other (James 5:16)
  • Honoring one another above ourselves (Philippians 2:3-4)

Each person is unique and valuable. The worth of each person and the value of his or her contribution should always be respected. We have different backgrounds, skills, spiritual gifts, and personalities that make up the body of Christ. This God-given diversity is intended to make us more effective and to enrich our lives.

Crown will serve other ministries. We will endeavor to be supportive of other Christ-honoring organizations whenever possible. We may collaborate and form alliance partnerships with individuals, organizations, para-church organizations, denominations, and churches when mutually beneficial to the accomplishment of our missions. We aim to demonstrate kindness and generosity to help such ministries while encouraging and caring for each other.

We are committed to encouraging and influencing each other’s growth in Christ. All of us experience times of discouragement, stress and anxiety. We need to encourage one another and positively build the body of Christ. We are peacemakers. We take the initiative to apologize, build understanding and create harmony within the organization and with those we serve.

Jesus came to seek, restore and redeem a broken world. And, the practice of biblical stewardship is an essential part of that redemption. When we care for what God has given us in the way He intended, we and those around us are blessed. Every major aspect of life is impacted by good and faithful stewardship. Crown will teach others to look beyond the temporal and live for the eternal reward of being found faithful. We have been called to be disciples and to be obedient as God’s stewards … and we will be held accountable for it. Matthew 25 says we will either hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant” or “You wicked and slothful servant.” We will be faithful stewards of the resources God has provided Crown. We will be transparent and accountable so that we may also be found faithful in all things.

Help People Discover Truth

You can help hurting people break free from financial pain and step into true freedom.

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Alliance Partnerships

Phil 1:4-5 In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.

One of Crown’s core values is to work in unity with other Christian ministries. Biblical wisdom reveals there is strength in community, and that one key to building God’s Kingdom is to not take on any task alone, but in fellowship with other believers.

Crown currently has over 121 partners serving as either Alliance Partners, Collaborators, or Crown Stewardship Centers. This gives us a presence in over 100 countries and almost 150 locations with a reach that far exceeds what our small staff could otherwise accomplish. Our partners are churches, denominations, businesses, ministries, non-profits, schools, and more. Some of Crown’s Alliance Partners include:

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