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The Presidential Election and the Worst-Case Scenario for Investors
  I grew up with a generalized investing philosophy espoused by my grandfather: invest during a Democratic administration (market down), sell during a Republican administration ...
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Crown Devotional – Principles of God’s Economy in Uncertain Times
The Crown Team gathers twice a week for devotional and prayer time together. We invite you to listen and learn along with us.  When the ...
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5 Tips For Frugal Living
Have you ever met someone who seems to always be able to turn nothing into something? We all know that thrifty person who is able ...
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3 Ways To Quit Neglecting Your Savings Account
Looking ahead to the future is an important, but often scary, thing to do, especially when it comes to your finances. The best way to ...
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13 Money-Saving Hacks
Saving is biblical; God wants us to be savers! He wants us to have the resources we need to take care of our families and ...
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With several courses to choose from, you’re on your way to financial freedom

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Do Well

A 10-part experience, that teaches practical financial principles that millions of people around the world have used to make successful money management decisions

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Money Map Companion Guide

A handbook that will help you walk through the 7 destinations on your Money Map

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MoneyLife Personal Finance Study

10-Part to help you take control of your financial future


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Find a Financial Coach Near You

Set and achieve your goals with the help of
a personal Budget Coach.

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Ask Chuck

Advice and Commentary on Different Topics

Crown CEO Chuck Bentley answers YOUR money questions

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