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Worst Scenario
The Presidential Election and the Worst-Case Scenario for Investors
by Chuck Bentley | September 29, 2020
  I grew up with a generalized investing philosophy espoused by my grandfather: invest during a Democratic administration (market...
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Crown Indigo
Crown Devotional – Principles of God’s Economy in Uncertain Times
by | March 30, 2020
The Crown Team gathers twice a week for devotional and prayer time together. We invite you to listen and...
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5 Tips For Frugal Living
by Crown Team | August 10, 2018
Have you ever met someone who seems to always be able to turn nothing into something? We all know...
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3 Ways To Quit Neglecting Your Savings Account
by Chuck Bentley | July 23, 2018
Looking ahead to the future is an important, but often scary, thing to do, especially when it comes to...
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13 money-saving hacks
13 Money-Saving Hacks
by Chuck Bentley | May 17, 2018
Saving is biblical; God wants us to be savers! He wants us to have the resources we need to...
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#CutTheCord - 7 Alternatives to Cable TV That Will Save You Money
#CutTheCord – 7 Alternatives to Cable TV That Will Save You Money
by Arielle Vogel | April 9, 2018
The average American pays somewhere around $100 a month for cable. Per year, that’s $1,200 (which is more than...
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Are These Guilty Spending Pleasures Wrecking Your Budget?
Are These Guilty Spending Pleasures Wrecking Your Budget?
by Arielle Vogel | April 4, 2018
What’s the most difficult category to stick to in your budget? Food? Entertainment? Miscellaneous items? We all struggle with...
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7 better ways to use your tax refund
7 Better Ways to Use Your Tax Refund
by Chuck Bentley | March 20, 2018
Are you expecting a tax refund soon? If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably expecting somewhere around $3,000 to...
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saving for retirement without an employer sponsored plan
How To Save For Retirement Without an Employer-Sponsored Plan
by Arielle Vogel | March 5, 2018
About 34% of the workforce today is made up of freelancers, constituting what is now known as the “Gig...
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Are Investing Apps a Good Investment?
by Arielle Vogel | February 26, 2018
For many, investing is intimidating. The complicated Wall Street jargon, the horror stories of Depression and Recession, and a...
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