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10 Budget-Friendly Wedding Gifts

10 budget friend wedding gifts

Are you attending any weddings this summer? It’s the height of wedding season right now, which can get expensive quickly. If you are paying for travel costs, a hotel, possibly a new outfit, and a gift, the cost of attending a wedding can skyrocket. In fact, according to Consumer Affairs, the average American will spend […]

Lessons Learned From Hobby Lobby

Lessons Learned from Hobby Lobby

Have you ever shopped at a Hobby Lobby store? The arts and craft supply store was birthed from a small picture frame business, started by David and Barbara Green in 1970, and has grown to be the largest privately owned company of its kind. Based out of Oklahoma City, Hobby Lobby has 800 stores in […]

Are These Guilty Spending Pleasures Wrecking Your Budget?

Are These Guilty Spending Pleasures Wrecking Your Budget?

What’s the most difficult category to stick to in your budget? Food? Entertainment? Miscellaneous items? We all struggle with different kinds of budget busters. Kind of like budgetary “kryptonite”, they’re things that we just push the limit on month to month. In a recent study from Varo Money, they defined these expenses as “guilty pleasures” […]

The Importance of Tipping

why tipping matters

Back in 2014, a Dominos pizza delivery employee, James, got the surprise of his life when he delivered two pizzas to Indiana Wesleyan University and got a massive tip of $1,268.86, along with $70 in gift cards. The altruistic act was part of a lesson on kindness a speaker was illustrating to students. James’s story […]

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