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How To Save For Retirement Without an Employer-Sponsored Plan

saving for retirement without an employer sponsored plan

About 34% of the workforce today is made up of freelancers, constituting what is now known as the “Gig Economy”. These individuals have forgone the traditional 9-5 office jobs for temporary contract work with one or many organizations. And, Intuit predicts that number will continue to grow. For so many, working from home or having […]

Are Investing Apps a Good Investment?

For many, investing is intimidating. The complicated Wall Street jargon, the horror stories of Depression and Recession, and a shared mentality that you have to be both wealthy and white collar to have any skin in the game have all contributed. Only 40% of Millennials are investors, and many think their salary alone disqualifies them […]

The Cost of Convenience

There’s a major trend sweeping, and revolutionizing, our modern day economy. Subscription services have taken over the market, some increasing performance by 800%, and prompting one business leader to even coin the term, “Subscription Economy”. Pay-per-item businesses are shifting their focus from selling a certain number of individual units to subscribing a massive number of […]

The Antidote to the Comparison Trap

We’ve probably all been there. Scrolling through Pinterest, inspired by all the “simple” home renovation projects, colorful meal prep plans, and impressive kid birthday party themes. Then you set out to recreate the masterpiece, with a step-by-step video tutorial or complicated recipe full of ingredients you can’t pronounce. You’re so excited to finally join the […]

When Making $100K a Year Doesn’t Feel Like “Upper-Middle Class”

The median household income in America is about $59,000. This would suggest that making above $59,000 would offer you certain financial comforts and eases that those below the median line aren’t necessarily privy to. It would also suggest that if you make upwards of $100,000 annually, you should have no trouble paying your bills, saving […]

What Your Debt is Really Costing You (And How to Get Out)

It’s been said that paying off debt is like eating an elephant – it can only be done one bite at a time. Starting the process of becoming debt-free can be overwhelming, and not knowing how or where to start can prevent many people from starting altogether.   But paying off debt, and doing so […]

Do Grocery Pick Up Services Actually Save You Money?

If you live in a large suburban city in the US, you’ve probably noticed the emergence of a new way to do your grocery shopping. Different stores have different names for the process (Kroger calls it “ClickList”, HEB refers to it as “Curbside”, and Safeway’s version is “Drive Up & Go”) – but the philosophy […]

Post-Christmas Sales Shopping Tips

Christmas is over, the presents have been unwrapped (and maybe exchanged), and the leftovers are being polished off as we all prepare for life to kick back into high gear come January 1. The pre-Christmas shopping frenzies have ended, but the Christmas shopping is far from over – because now the post-Christmas shopping commences! Hundreds […]