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What the Bible Says About Saving

What the Bible Says About Saving

Have you ever asked these questions? “Is saving an indication of a lack of faith?” “Do saving and hoarding go hand-in-hand?” “If we save, do we rob God of blessing us with His provision?” “What does the Bible really say about saving?” God wants us to be savers. He wants us to have the resources […]

Stewarding Time and Money

“Time is money.” How true this is! Time is also a gift. In fact, it’s the most valuable resource you and I will ever have. The way we use it will influence our earning potential, the way we spend our money, the quality of our relationships, and our overall health. Time is also the ultimate […]

How to Save for Retirement

As Americans, we have developed somewhat of a mania about retirement. Much of that is due to the fact that people are not prepared: The #1 financial regret of older Americans is that they didn’t save for retirement sooner The median amount saved for retirement among American families is only $5,000 And almost a quarter […]

How to Make a Budget

Did you know that tracking your spending and creating a budget can be freeing and actually bring peace? A budget empowers you to know exactly where your money is going and helps you reach your financial goals. When you use a budget, your money starts working for you, not the other way around. Contrary to […]

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