Crown Studies on the YouVersion Bible App

Now on the popular YouVersion Bible app, we have added some of Crown's most popular studies.  Start one of the plans today and invite some friends to join you! 

The YouVersion Bible app, available for download at, provides a free Bible on your phone, tablet, or computer that brings God’s Word into your daily life.⠀

Available Devotionals

The most practical thing we could ever learn is to apply spiritual truth to our every decision. The financial principles contained in God’s Word have stood the test of time. They are reliable, trustworthy and given for our benefit. There is no higher standard for financial principles than those given by God.

This five-day video study will show you how to begin tackling your debt. It starts with addressing the real issue. (Hint: it's not money.) Then, it introduces practical tools to help you take the first steps. 

Becoming faithful stewards starts by knowing—and believing—that God is our provider. We live in a world where other beliefs can conflict with that truth— like thinking it's ultimately up to us to "make it happen." This date will help you and your spouse uncover the behaviors that will help you trust God to provide.

Crown Online Courses

Keep Learning with CrownOnline

It's where you can access Crown studies and online tools to help you on your spiritual journey. There are multiple ways to use this platform. Take a class on your own or go through it with others. Meet with a group exclusively online, connect with them in person, or schedule a weekly video call to discuss what you're learning. As long as face-to-face groups have an internet connection, participants can access the online content using their phone, tablet, or laptop.