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Ask Chuck Retirement Housing And Elderly Parents
Ask Chuck: Retirement Housing and Elderly Parents
by Chuck Bentley | February 9, 2024
Dear Chuck, Based on the high cost of retirement housing, we’re considering building an ADU on our property for...
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Ask Chuck Develop An Eternal Mindset About Money
Ask Chuck: Develop an Eternal Mindset about Money
by Chuck Bentley | January 19, 2024
Dear Chuck, I’m really trying to develop a Biblical mindset when it comes to money. Can you give me...
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Ask Chuck How To Get Fit And Save Money In 2024! 
Ask Chuck: How to Get Fit and Save Money in 2024! 
by Chuck Bentley | January 5, 2024
Dear Chuck, I want to lose weight and get in physical shape this year. I need to join a...
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Ask Chuck Stewardship Tips For A Happy New Year
Ask Chuck: Stewardship Tips for a Happy New Year
by Chuck Bentley | December 29, 2023
Dear Chuck, Thank you for the lessons you bring us each week and how you tie them back to...
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Money Or Marriage Counsel For Undecided Singles
Ask Chuck: Money or Marriage? Counsel for Undecided Singles
by Chuck Bentley | December 8, 2023
Dear Chuck, My adult children are pursuing careers and putting marriage on hold. With each passing year, I grow...
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Ask Chuck How To Have A Debt Free Christmas
Ask Chuck: How to Have a Debt-Free Christmas
by Chuck Bentley | November 24, 2023
Dear Chuck, Inflation has hurt our family. We have very little money to spend on Christmas gifts this year....
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Ask Chuck Overcoming Financial Infidelity And Secret Credit Card Debt
Ask Chuck: Overcoming Financial Infidelity and Secret Credit Card Debt
by Chuck Bentley | November 3, 2023
Dear Chuck, My spouse recently confessed to secretly opening a credit card in our name. It is now maxed...
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Ask Chuck Protection From Online Scams
Ask Chuck: Protection From Online Scams
by Chuck Bentley | October 13, 2023
Dear Chuck, My elderly parents enjoy staying connected to family via email, text, and social media, but I’m concerned...
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Ask Chuck What Is Financial Freedom
Ask Chuck: What Is Financial Freedom?
by Chuck Bentley | September 29, 2023
Dear Chuck, Can you explain what you mean by financial freedom? Are you using the term in place of...
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Ask Chuck How To Prepare My Teenagers For Real Life
Ask Chuck: How to Prepare My Teenagers for Real Life
by Chuck Bentley | September 22, 2023
Dear Chuck, I’m a single Mom. I struggle with money and time management. My children, now teenagers, don’t have...
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