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Ask Chuck Help For Crazy Medical Bills
Ask Chuck: Help for Crazy Medical Bills
by Chuck Bentley | August 18, 2023
Dear Chuck, A friend from work is burdened with medical bills due to multiple emergency room visits with their...
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Ask Chuck Practical Advice For The Young And Broke
Ask Chuck: Practical Advice for the Young and Broke
by Chuck Bentley | August 11, 2023
Dear Chuck, My wife and I have decent jobs but spend everything we earn. My parents recently told us...
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Ask Chuck: Climbing Out of a Financial Dark Hole
by Chuck Bentley | June 30, 2023
Dear Chuck, I am overwhelmed with financial challenges. I constantly feel defeated and discouraged to the point of giving...
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Ask Chuck: My Adult Daughter Is in Debt and Wants Our Help!
by Chuck Bentley | June 23, 2023
Dear Chuck, Our adult daughter is single and working in retail. She just revealed that she has credit card...
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Ask Chuck Vacation Without Debt
Ask Chuck: Vacation Without Debt
by Chuck Bentley | June 2, 2023
Dear Chuck, I would love to treat my family to a vacation, but we just can’t afford it unless...
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Ask Chuck How Can I Ever Afford A Home
Ask Chuck: How Can I Ever Afford a Home?
by Chuck Bentley | May 26, 2023
Dear Chuck, I am 25, live in a hot housing market, and feel squeezed by rising rents. I can’t...
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Ask Chuck The High Cost Of Loneliness
Ask Chuck: The High Cost of Loneliness
by Chuck Bentley | May 12, 2023
Dear Chuck, I am a baby boomer with lots of friends and a healthy community at church, but I...
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Ask Chuck Fed Up With Grocery Prices
Ask Chuck: Fed Up with Grocery Prices
by Chuck Bentley | May 5, 2023
Dear Chuck, We have a budget, but the cost of groceries and eating out is ridiculous! Something has to...
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Ask Chuck Overwhelmed By America’s Decay 2
Ask Chuck: Overwhelmed by America’s Decay
by Chuck Bentley | April 21, 2023
Dear Chuck, My husband and I believe America has lost its way. I see so much pride, division, financial...
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Ask Chuck: Help for First-Time Homeowners
by Chuck Bentley | March 17, 2023
Dear Chuck, My husband and I bought our first home in an older neighborhood where young families are choosing...
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