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Ask Chuck: Help Reaching Our Financial Goals Together
by Chuck Bentley | July 1, 2022
Dear Chuck, My wife and I are not consistently managing our money well. We are united to eliminate debt...
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Ask Chuck: Do I Need Title Lock Insurance?
by Chuck Bentley | June 3, 2022
Dear Chuck, My spouse believes we need to protect our home with a title lock. I disagree but agreed...
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Ask Chuck: Advice for Single Moms Hurt by Inflation
by Chuck Bentley | May 20, 2022
Dear Chuck, I am a single mom with 3 children trying my best to manage my limited resources. It...
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Ask Chuck: Help with A Family Moocher
by Chuck Bentley | April 22, 2022
Dear Chuck, Our 28-year-old niece moved in with our family several years ago. At the time, we thought it...
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Ask Chuck: Fasting for Financial Breakthrough
by Chuck Bentley | April 8, 2022
Dear Chuck, I am seriously worried about our finances. We are struggling to keep up, even with two incomes....
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Ask Chuck: Should We Move South?
by Chuck Bentley | March 25, 2022
Dear Chuck, Many of our friends are moving to the South. We are reluctant to leave our family, but...
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Ask Chuck: Help Me Get Our Spending Under Control
by Chuck Bentley | February 11, 2022
Dear Chuck, We have to cut our spending this year, but I really don’t know where to begin. When...
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Ask Chuck: Drive One Car So We Can Buy a House?
by Chuck Bentley | February 4, 2022
Dear Chuck, My wife and I are aggressively saving for a down payment on a house. We’ve toyed with...
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Ask Chuck: Cash-Out Refinance Advice
by Chuck Bentley | January 14, 2022
Dear Chuck, My home is in need of multiple costly repairs. My neighbor just did a major update on...
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Episode 39: Life Without Limbs with Nick Vuijicic
by Crown Financial | January 5, 2022
Episode 39: Life Without Limbs with Nick Vuijicic Crown Stewardship PodcastEpisode 38: Redeeming & Redefining Communities with Curtis Anderson...
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