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Ask Chuck: My Adult Kids Constantly Need Money
by Chuck Bentley | December 17, 2021
Dear Chuck, I have five adult children who constantly come to me with financial emergencies. I am 70 years...
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Ask Chuck: Help My Financial Anxiety!
by Chuck Bentley | December 10, 2021
Dear Chuck, My husband and I are both working adults. With 3 kids at home and trying to care...
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Ask Chuck: Christmas Shopping on a Budget
by Chuck Bentley | November 27, 2021
Dear Chuck, Money is tight for Christmas this year. Any tips for shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?...
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Ask Chuck: Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones During the Holidays
by Chuck Bentley | November 19, 2021
Dear Chuck, My elderly parents get scam phone calls, emails, and texts constantly. I worry they are going to...
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Episode 34: Life Lessons from a Good and Faithful Servant with John Clemens
by Crown Financial | November 5, 2021
This week on the Crown Stewardship Podcast, we welcome John Clemens. John has been in the radio industry for...
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Ask Chuck: My Spouse is an Addict
by Chuck Bentley | August 27, 2021
Dear Chuck, My husband started short-term disability in order to address addiction issues. He is the sole provider for...
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Ask Chuck: Married to a Financial Opposite?
by Chuck Bentley | July 30, 2021
Dear Chuck, My husband and I have a lot in common, but we also have a WHOLE lot of...
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Ask Chuck: Considering a Reverse Mortgage?
by Chuck Bentley | June 11, 2021
Dear Chuck, My neighbor says we should consider a reverse mortgage. My wife and I are split about it....
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Ask Chuck: Stuck Without a Budget
by Chuck Bentley | June 4, 2021
Dear Chuck, My husband and I have good intentions when it comes to using money wisely, but we just...
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Ask Chuck: How to Make Memorial Day Meaningful
by Chuck Bentley | May 21, 2021
Dear Chuck, We can’t travel this year. How can I make Memorial Day special for my family while staying...
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