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Ask Chuck The Bible Addresses The “fake It Till You Make It” Lifestyle
Ask Chuck: The Bible Addresses the “Fake It Till You Make It” Lifestyle
by Chuck Bentley | May 10, 2024
Dear Chuck, Someone I care about routinely overspends with the justification it will help “grow his business.” The effort...
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Ask Chuck How To Stop Financial Procrastination
Ask Chuck: How to Stop Financial Procrastination
by Chuck Bentley | April 12, 2024
Dear Chuck, I just started my career. Can you give me some simple tips that could help me improve...
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Ask Chuck How To Have A Debt Free Christmas
Ask Chuck: How to Have a Debt-Free Christmas
by Chuck Bentley | November 24, 2023
Dear Chuck, Inflation has hurt our family. We have very little money to spend on Christmas gifts this year....
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Ask Chuck A Plan To Overcome Financial Hopelessness
Ask Chuck: A Plan to Overcome Financial Hopelessness
by Chuck Bentley | November 17, 2023
Dear Chuck, I’ve made many bad decisions that have negatively impacted my family financially. There are days when I...
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Ask Chuck Overcoming Financial Infidelity And Secret Credit Card Debt
Ask Chuck: Overcoming Financial Infidelity and Secret Credit Card Debt
by Chuck Bentley | November 3, 2023
Dear Chuck, My spouse recently confessed to secretly opening a credit card in our name. It is now maxed...
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Ask Chuck: How Do We Catch Up from Past Financial Mistakes?
by Chuck Bentley | July 7, 2023
Dear Chuck, My wife and I made more than our share of financial mistakes early in our marriage and...
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Ask Chuck: Climbing Out of a Financial Dark Hole
by Chuck Bentley | June 30, 2023
Dear Chuck, I am overwhelmed with financial challenges. I constantly feel defeated and discouraged to the point of giving...
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Ask Chuck: My Adult Daughter Is in Debt and Wants Our Help!
by Chuck Bentley | June 23, 2023
Dear Chuck, Our adult daughter is single and working in retail. She just revealed that she has credit card...
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Ask Chuck Should I Take Out A Home Equity Line Of Credit
Ask Chuck: Should I Take Out a Home Equity Line of Credit?
by Chuck Bentley | April 28, 2023
Dear Chuck, I would like to eliminate our high interest credit card debt. What are your thoughts on taking...
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Qsg Eliminating Debt Cover
Quick Start Guide: Eliminating Debt
by Crown Financial | March 8, 2023
Quick Start Guide: Eliminating Debt The Eliminating Debt Quick Start Guide is your step by step process to accomplishing...
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