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Project: Indonesia


Dr. Suparno Adijanto is the managing director of The Bumi Raya Group of Companies headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is currently the executive chairman and CEO of Singapore listed Global Palm Resources Limited.

Suparno served as the Indonesian representatives of Crown Financial Ministries since 2005. He also sits on the board of a few educational institutions, social welfare foundations as well as market place ministries. Suparno attends Jakarta International Christian Fellowship and serves as one of JICF’s elder.

Suparno graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Economics (Honours) from University College London. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Bradford Management Centre, University of Bradford, England and a Doctor of Philosophy from the College of Business Administration, Georgia State University, USA.

Suparno is married to See Mun and they have three children, Jonathan, Carina and Justin.


Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible Seminar

Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible Seminar

Crown Fellowship Luncheon

Facilitators' Training, 2019

Crown Indonesia, formed in 2002, serves hundreds of people each year by hosting biblical financial studies and seminars. Connecting with church members and business leaders alike, they aim to develop fellowship amongst those they serve. Career Direct, Crown’s vocational alignment assessment, is used to teach many about their God-given design to work.

It is our joy to teach the biblical principles of stewardship to Indonesia and we’re especially happy when we witness people come to know Christ through these resources and tools. There are a lot of people that gain a new perspective about money and possessions, knowing that their part is to be a good and faithful steward with whatever they have been entrusted, whether a lot or a little. There are also people who challenge themselves to be progressive givers. It’s incredible to see the change happen.