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Project: Brazil


Paulo and Regina Max came to Crown with a personal need. My wife has always been very financially organized, but I have always had problems dealing with money, although I always have a good income. At one point in our lives I put at risk everything that God had put in our hands because we did not keep His Word and His commandments. We had a financial crisis in our marriage, but when we were part of a Crown study group and put all the teachings into practice, our lives were transformed and today we live free to serve the Lord in every area, including finances.

The struggles and pressures are not easy and we often think of giving up, but every time we hear a testimony of healing and financial release from a small group participant, our heart fills with joy and our spirits are redone and then we continue the process. our calling.


We have worked hard to reach the largest number of churches and people in our country through the teaching of biblical financial principles. Brazil is a large country and our job is to train small study group leaders and leader trainers to help us in this mission.

There is an impact happening in the lives of pastors in our country through the Crown Ministry. Many have suffered because of mismanagement of financial resources and consequently members of their churches also end up experiencing the struggles and pressures that money often exerts on them. We have taken a word of deliverance to these pastors and many have joined us on this journey.

Through small study groups for children, youth, women and adults, many people are being freed from financial slavery, soul healing, disease healing, and marriage restoration. Our intention is to form a generation of people who can truly live and think as faithful stewards of the Lord and so the next generations will also be blessed.