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Project: Venezuela


Luis and Dina Rea have been married for almost 20 years. Their two children, Moises and Steffany are just two of the over 500 children they feed daily with Luis serving as the Director of Funda País, teaching them the purpose they have in God and helping parents have tools to support their children. Where they live, child malnutrition and crime exist at high rates, wanting to do something about it, Luis and Dina began to pray to break the cycle of poverty in Venezuela. Not long after they began praying, God answered with a solution - teach stewardship to parents through Crown materials. They now teach in agriculture, mechanics, construction, hairdressing, sewing, cooking, and more, and are convinced that God is transforming these moms and dads into faithful administrators of the resources and talents that God has put in their hands. 


  • Families in Venezuela need stewardship education. Since they don’t have much, in money or in resources, we want to teach them how to be the widow with the oil and use what they have to provide for their families and glorify the Lord.
  • Due to hyperinflation, food is at a shortage and priced at an all time high. There’s a need to teach people how to care for their land and grow food to feed their families. Then, potential profit could be used to share with others
  • The unemployment rate is high. Jobs are needed to provide an income for families.


  • A Crown Stewardship Center is being planted at the Youth With a Mission base in Barquisimeto to teach the principles of stewardship and life to families in need.
  • We will be partnering with Foundations for Farming. Short and long term trainings will be held to educate on farming, faith, family, and finances. This will be modeled from our Centers in Africa and is expected to produce the same results in teaching Venezuelans to be good stewards of their land and resources.
  • The Center will offer various employment opportunities including jobs for women in clothing manufacturing in addition to cornmeal production, farming, and other agricultural ventures.


  • The infrastructure is already in place. Leaders have been selected and the land and facilities exist! Our partners onsite are already feeding 400 children per week but are implementing a plan to help the families provide food for their children, a more sustainable solution for overcoming malnutrition throughout the community.


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CSC Venezuela Map


  • 90% of the country lives in poverty (1) with general shortages of electricity, drinking water, health services, food safety and waste and wastewater management, an exponential increase from the 46% in 2014, due to hyperinflation. (2)
  • 61% of children are malnutritioned, 11% of which are severely and chronically malnutritioned. (3) 11,446 children under the age of 1 died in 2016 (4),
  • A hyperinflation of more than 4 digits from mid-2018 and to date, aggravates the entire food security landscape.
  • A 40% high unemployment rate, and 76% average Venezuelan purchasing power deterioration after salary increases every two to three months, according to unofficial statistics.
  • The minimum income per worker is $3 to $5 USD monthly, according to the official gazette, at the exchange of the national currency.

A Story


Jennifer arrived at our center in 2017 with a broken marriage and few resources. Pregnant with twins and a mother of three, she was looking for help to feed all her malnutritioned children. When she gave birth to the twins, one of them was immediately hospitalized due to severe malnutrition. 

Our Foundation was able to give the infant medical attention and soon after treatments, he improved to achieve winning weight! Through our relationship, Jennifer came to know Christ and gave her heart to God. She now experiences life with the love of a small group and has learned the principles of biblical stewardship by watching Crown’s God Provides series.

Jennifer since has began working to solve the financial problems that prevented her from feeding her children. After several months of applying God’s word to her finances, God restored her marriage! They have joined a church and are now learning the fundamentals of agriculture and finances through the Crown Money Map. They went from being a poor family and destroyed without hope, to a family that walks by the hand of God.

Today Jennifer says, "God brought me to Him to give me blessings, to set me free me from evil. We are learning to be better administrators and my wish is to learn more to multiply it in others.”


  • To eradicate poverty and malnutrition by providing stewardship education and practical tools to families
  • To utilize the current team at Funda País to teach other Venezuelans in resource, business and environmental stewardship
  • Multiply this CSC model to teach stewardship and fight malnutrition throughout the country
  • To employ individuals with jobs that will create sustainable revenue for the Center and end dependence on donor and government assistance
  • To offer long term stewardship training through Foundations for Farming and other courses.


  • Develop a cornmeal production factory that will enable employment opportunities and sustainable business for the Center
  • Update and expand current facilities for practical training in business and natural resources such as: sowing, honey production, Vegetable production, Compost manufacturing, Animal-Breeding, manufacturing and packaging.
  • Expand the distribution route to all surrounding communities with food produced in the Crown Venezuela Economic, Healthy, Nutritious Center.
  • Clean drinking water center to be used for human consumption on site
Citations and official statistics are hard to find due to the Venezuelan government cover ups, but we’ve added official reports here where we can. Anything not directly cited comes from our leaders’ work there and their sources.
2. United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
3. UCLA data, March 2019. Caritas 2019 and Funda País 2019