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Project: Zimbabwe


Craig was born in Zimbabwe and, together with his wife Bridgie, farmed commercially for 30 years. They primarily exported citrus, mangoes, and passion fruit around the world. The farm grew in success and profitability until Craig and his family were forcibly removed forcibly from the farm without compensation as a part of the Zimbabwe government’s land redistribution. The Lord took Craig and Bridgie on a remarkable road of forgiveness. In 2008, this road culminated in Craig being led by the Lord to use his farming talents to serve at Foundations for Farming.

Zimbabwe is a difficult place to live at present, where rampant corruption and poverty abounds. Serving Jesus and being salt and light in a crumbling moral society makes it all so worth while!


Happy graduates!
Training prison Inmates
Compost pile complete!
Brian Oldreive (Founder) and Craig Deall (Armour Bearer)

Foundations for Farming is a wonderful way to express the love of God and is a powerful evangelistic tool. It greatly assists starting new rural churches as it enables trained pastors to support themselves, thereby creating working models for those around them. It is also a wonderful way to preach the gospel by emulating the way Jesus taught many principles from soil, seed and farming as he walked with his disciples.

Our desire is that through farming we will help the vast masses of Africa and the developing world, who are dependent on the land, to faithfully use what they have been given, make a profit and come out of poverty.

In Foundations for Farming people are encouraged to seek God's ways in everything that they do. This is something that must be lead into the world by God’s people. As the Church follows Jesus' mandate to make disciples of all nations and teach them to obey everything Jesus has taught, it is the Foundations for Farming team's dream to share vision and unite the Church around God's practical plan for the poor. It is our belief that Foundations for Farming is a crucial element of this plan for Africa and the developing world.

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