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What is a Crown Stewardship Center™?

Our mission is to teach and lead others to freedom in Christ through redemptive stewardship™. This happens through unique experiences and events, collaborative partnerships and relevant, supportive content. When we do that, for both rich and poor, we discover a life that allows us to serve him more fully, so that when we see him we will hear him say, “well done good and faithful servant.”  Over the next five years, we hope to see 50 million lives impacted through Crown stewardship centers on every continent in the world. Crown will continue establishing centers and some of the poorest regions of the world.  As God provides, Crown will establish self-sustaining centers to perpetuate the teaching of redemptive stewardship for generations to come.

Where do they exist?

We believe God is calling us to create redemptive stories all over the world be establishing Crown Stewardship Centers. We envision Crown Stewardship Centers in every country committed to teaching and leading others in God's biblical stewardship principles. Crown Stewardship Centers will significantly multiply our outreach and allow us to have an even greater global impact on families and communities.  Crown will continue to build relationships with churches, alliance partners, schools/universities, businesses, and radio stations. We will equip and train their respective leadership, so they may, in turn, enable staff and volunteers to operate their Crown Stewardship Center.  Crown materials and partnerships exist on 6 continents, in over 100 countries, worldwide.

How can I get involved?

We welcome you to join us in the endeavor to spread Redemptive Stewardship throughout the world. Join us on a Vision Trip, or partner with us to make a Center come to fruition. Most importantly, please pray for our efforts and for our leaders around the world.