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Project: Poland


Dawid Mrotek first heard about Crown in 2006 while streaming Christian Internet radio. He was working as a financial advisor at the time and a topic about Biblical financial principles got my attention. In 2008, with two other friends and a help from Campus Crusade, we started Crown Ministry in Poland.

Since then David has served as a Crown leader and a volunteer, helping to increase the impact of Crown's teaching among Christians and secular people. When asked what keeps him going when the ministry gets tough, he said, "I have a deep conviction. I have been entrusted to know the truth about the Lordship and God's financial principles that lead people to freedom! I cannot keep it only for myself!"

David has been instrumental in developing Crown throughout Poland, Ukraine, and Western Russia.



Crown Poland has operated since 2008, teaching resource stewardship in the country and beyond. Many classes, events, conferences, online trainings, small group meetings, articles, blogs, and more are impacting both Catholics and Protestants. All materials are available to buy online on

Working together in Poland, Catholic and Protestant Crown leaders volunteer their time and money to help people both in the church and community, find out about God's financial principles and how to personally apply them. In 2019, Crown Poland began ministry work among Russian speaking Christians in Poland through translating current Crown materials.

Over the years more than 10,000 people have attended various events or courses and more than 50,000 though article posts and meetings.

Bible on Finance seminar held at John Paul II Center for Thought in Krakow.

Ministering to Russians
After 10 years of serving Poland, the Crown leaders have expanded their work to Russian speaking Poles as well as those in the Ukraine and Western Russian. Pictured here is a Bible on Finance seminar held at a Russian speaking church in Warsaw.