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Tips for Buying a Home
by Chuck Bentley | May 4, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Purchasing a home is typically the largest financial investment any of us will ever make. It...
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Honesty in Marriage
by Chuck Bentley | April 1, 2015
By Chuck Bentley I read with fascination about the news report of an Indian bride who walked out of...
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A whole new way to think about poverty
by Chuck Bentley | March 26, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Having just returned from a conference in Zimbabwe, I had the opportunity to get to know...
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Are you jealous of what others have?
by Chuck Bentley | March 24, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Jealousy is a terrible thing. In fact, it reaps devastation on others and ourselves. I recently...
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My Best financial advice in one line
by Chuck Bentley | March 23, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Two weeks ago I was in Zimbabwe speaking at a conference. I can’t help but come...
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3% Down Payment Mortgages Declining
by Chuck Bentley | March 11, 2015
By Chuck Bentley New research by RealtyTrac indicates that fewer people are getting low down payment mortgages than in...
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Are you a steward or just in a stewardship program?
by Chuck Bentley | March 9, 2015
By Chuck Bentley A biblical understanding of God’s Word on finances indicate that stewardship is not a process to...
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Luck vs. God’s Blessings
by Chuck Bentley | January 22, 2015
By Chuck Bentley “Good luck!” That sounds so strange to say, especially coming from a Christian. I don’t believe...
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God Works While We Sleep
by Chuck Bentley | January 12, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Ever feel like you are living on a treadmill, working around the clock? Our late co-founder,...
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Love and Marriage and Money: Can you get all Three?
by Chuck Bentley | February 24, 2014
By Chuck Bentley The millions spent on Valentine’s Day may fuel the passions of new love, but if you...
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