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Part 1– Are you caught in a financial stronghold?
by Chuck Bentley | August 24, 2015
By Chuck Bentley This is part one of a four-part series on financial strongholds. Many people have been taken...
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Popular money myths to identify and escape!
by Chuck Bentley | August 20, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Myth 1: Money Can Buy Happiness A popular money myth is that money can indeed buy...
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It’s Wise for Teens to Have Bank Accounts
by Chuck Bentley | August 13, 2015
By Chuck Bentley My 17-year-old has a summer job outside the home. He needed a bank account so he...
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practicing stewardship vs. becoming a steward
by Chuck Bentley | August 3, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Many think that stewardship is only something that we do, like a financial plan that we...
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a very encouraging money story
by Chuck Bentley | July 23, 2015
By Chuck Bentley I recently had the opportunity to meet a young couple who told me their remarkable story....
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Are you re-purposing or retiring?
by Chuck Bentley | June 29, 2015
By Chuck Bentley A recent call from listeners to our radio program gave me great joy. The couple shared...
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Are you suffering right now?
by Chuck Bentley | June 22, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Nobody likes to suffer. I sure don’t. But I have learned that it helps to endure...
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Did you read the story about the couple with 100 grandchildren?
by Chuck Bentley | June 17, 2015
By Chuck Bentley According to a story released by the Associated Press, A western Illinois couple recently celebrated the...
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Are you living in God’s Economy or Man’s Economy?
by Chuck Bentley | June 15, 2015
By Chuck Bentley In man’s economy, money is the master of your life. In God’s economy, Jesus is the...
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Young Adults and Life Insurance
by Chuck Bentley | June 3, 2015
By Chuck Bentley Fewer than 20 percent of millennials say they’re likely to buy life insurance, according to a...
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