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Crazy Money – Giving Saves Lives

It’s Crazy Money Day! Today’s story is about a parking lot Foundation for Life bought a parking lot across the street from Toledo, Ohio’s only abortion facility. The lot was bought for half its asking price because the previous owner believed that human life is sacred. Now, sidewalk counselors can legally minister to women who […]

Modern Monetary Theory Part 2

Business Insider published an article titled the Trouble With Modern Monetary Theory. The article reports that “…the government cannot just spend and spend and spend, or the extra dollars in the system will chase too few goods and drive up prices. I totally agree. It’s important to understand that the government cannot just spend recklessly. […]

Modern Monetary Theory Part 1

Money does not grow on trees. Modern Monetary Theory, which I’ll refer to as MMT, is an economic framework in which federal government spending is not constrained by revenues. In other words, government spending isn’t limited by taxes and borrowing because they can print as much money as they need. MMT operates contrary to Biblical […]

No Peace, No Purchase

Are you a sucker for clever marketing?  Have you ever felt an urgent tug to buy something right after watching an advertisement? Advertisers are experts at creating a sense of need and urgency. They offer an endless parade of “once-in-a-lifetime” deals. The pitch is normally to convince you that you’d better buy now because prices […]

Savings Day – Spend Wisely!

Inflation has arrived so we better make adjustments.  When the government issued stay-at-home orders last year, our spending dropped dramatically. Except for groceries and household goods, we had nowhere to spend our money. We couldn’t go anywhere, so food, gas, and travel spending dropped. We were in survival mode held captive by an unpredictable future. You […]

How Much Will You Leave Behind?

You may be familiar with the award-winning stage play and movie, ‘You Can’t Take It with You’.  This zany dramatic comedy from 1936 reminds us of an important point – that having a meaningful life depends more on how we live than on what we have, as Crown’s founder, the late Larry Burkett, illustrates.   […]

PPP Loan Fraud

Fraud erupted when the greedy sought money from the Paycheck Protection Program last year. The PPP was created to help small businesses during Covid, but Tens of thousands of loans went to ineligible businesses. Propublica reported in May that 7 million dollars of Loans went to hundreds of fake farms. Kabbage is an online lending platform. […]

Give: Be a Doer Not a Hearer Only

If you think you can’t give, try to adjust your thinking.  All of us face different struggles with money. Larry Burkett grew up in a poor family and he never forgot the struggles they faced. Their problem was philosophical. They thought “poor”. His parents came through the Great Depression. The eight years his father couldn’t […]

The Dangerous 3C’s: Correcting, Controlling and Criticizing

I’ve counseled many couples whose problems often boil down to 3C’s: correcting, controlling and criticizing. A correcting spouse is one who always sees and points out faults. Correcting is necessary in parenting young children but not in marriage. It demonstrates a lack of acceptance and a lack of respect. Controlling leads to a breakdown in […]

Savings Day – Living with a Negligent Husband

Are you unable to save because of a negligent spouse? Don’t lose hope.  We received a letter from a woman whose husband had worked off and on during their 20-year marriage. When employed, he spent all the money. When not employed, they depended on help from relatives. They filed for bankruptcy – twice. At the […]

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