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Savings Day – Weed Out Weaknesses

Our small weaknesses can do big damage to our wallets. We’re easily blinded to our weaknesses because our spending is so habitual. Ask the Lord, your spouse, or a friend to help you see them. For some people, it’s the daily food and drink purchases. For others, it’s fashion, fitness gear, exotic vacations, and more. […]

Crazy Money – $98,000 Mona Lisa Viewing

It’s Crazy Money Day! The Louvre in Paris, France is the largest and most visited museum in the world. Originally a grand fortress, it became a royal palace before its conversion to an art museum in 1793. Several months ago, an auction was held to offset the millions of dollars lost during Covid. They raised […]

Preparing for Another Economic Crisis

Are you prepared for another economic crisis? America’s worked through many economic challenges in my lifetime. Now, doomsayers say a currency collapse is coming, but hold on. Think about this: No other nation has the vast diversification of economic output nor presents a viable alternative to the stability of the U.S. dollar. Now our debt […]

Elder Care Considerations

Will elderly relatives soon be living with you?    Nearly 2 million people live in group homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Covid has made it tough! Years ago, relatives combined resources to care for parents and grandparents, but smaller families have spread the care among fewer children. Today, millions of Americans work as […]

Finding a Job You Love

Has your career been impacted by Covid? Many people around the globe have experienced job losses during the pandemic. If you’re ready for a career change, now’s the time to take action. First, look back on your job history. List the things you like and dislike about every job you’ve had. If you’ve never had […]

Savings Day – “No-Spend Month”

Trying to catch up on your savings?  A no-spend month can build your savings. Sound impossible? Nah, you get to set the rules. The challenge requires thoughtful, disciplined spending. Ponder, “What purchases are controlling my life? What could I eliminate? What options do I have besides spending money?” Lauren Schwahn at the NerdWallet writes that […]

A Parent’s Vital Role

When your children are grown, will they use money wisely? Though we can’t answer that question with certainty, Crown’s founder Larry Burkett reminds us that parents play a vital role.   Well, one of the best examples you can set for your children is to free yourself from credit card debt, and if you need […]

Quit-Claim Deed

Ever demonstrated extravagant devotion? Mary broke an alabaster jar of nard, poured it over Jesus’ head and feet, then wiped His feet with her hair. Jesus had raised her brother from the dead and would soon shed His blood for the sins of the world. The scent of her sacrifice, valued at more than a […]

Newlywed Financial Tips

Are you a newlywed? Way back in 1978, Ann and I got married. It was Christmas of our senior year in college. We didn’t know Biblical financial principles, so we struggled with money for 21 years before a Crown Study got us on the same page. Couples experience financial freedom when they unite around what […]

Love Your Neighbor

Do you love your neighbor? Martin Luther once said, “A true Christian lives and labors on earth not for himself but for his neighbor. Therefore the whole spirit of his life compels him to do even that which he needs not do, but which is profitable and necessary for his neighbor.” I enjoy studying history […]

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