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Crazy Money Day – “No Spend Challenge”

It’s Crazy Money Day! Heard of the crazy “No Spend Challenge”? Many have done it, some for a week, others a month, and some for a year or more. One of my neighbors chose not to buy new clothes for a year. Others give up things that people in poor countries can’t buy.  This method […]

Abound in Hope

Are you worried about money? The Coronavirus, one of the most disruptive events in our lifetime, has revealed America’s financial preparedness. Many are frightened, angry, and frustrated. The uncertainty of this time is an opportunity to trust the Lord more than ever before. So live one day at a time, by taking one step at […]

Signs of Financial Instability

Are you financially unstable? A recent survey revealed that 63% of those employed before the pandemic lived paycheck to paycheck. When job loss occurred, financial instability reared its ugly head. Perhaps you know the pain. • You’re stressed out and losing sleep. • You don’t have an emergency fund. • You’re maxed out on your […]

Giving: A Remedy for Temptation

One in five of us are spending more money than ever. A recent survey revealed that a third of Americans made impulse purchases to cope with the stress of the coronavirus. Some went a thousand dollars or more over budget. Impulse buying grants a feeling of control and wellness amidst fear and uncertainty, but it also […]

Savings Day – Dollar Diet and Rounding Up

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Use the “dollar diet” method of depositing money that you don’t spend each week. As your savings grow, I hope you’re gaining confidence and motivation to find other ways to cut spending and to put more in savings.  Here’s another tip. When making deposits, round up to the next ten […]

Stimulus Checks for the Deceased

It’s Crazy Money Day! The IRS sent nearly 90 million stimulus checks to people who filed taxes in 2018 or ’19. A Georgia woman received one made out to her and her brother who died in 2018. The check even says that he’s deceased! A provision in the ‘CARES’ act says that if you were […]

Monopoly and Debt

We play Monopoly at our house and we’re competitive! A number of years ago, we did an experiment with Monopoly. Players could borrow money from the bank at zero-interest and create as much debt between players as they wanted. Since nobody could go broke the game went on and on and on. Property prices got […]

Upside of Unemployment: Part 2

Are you unemployed? Binge-watching Netflix probably won’t lead you to your next job, but investing in your gifts, talents, and professional skills likely will. Online courses, skill training, research, and networking are investments that you can make in your future. Don’t pull back and fall into bad attitudes or time management habits. Personal relationships are […]

Upside of Unemployment: Part 1

There’s an upside to unemployment. First, collect the maximum unemployment benefits. This can remove significant financial stress and provide a runway to relaunch your career. Then pause before reaching for your next job to learn your God-given design.  What occupies your free time? What brings you the most joy? What do you do that requires […]

Savings Day – The Dollar Diet

It’s Build Your Savings day! One way for you to reduce expenses is by going on the “dollar diet”. Now, don’t panic! This diet is fun because you see results quickly. You benefit by increasing savings while developing great habits. First, record all income and all expenses, fixed and variable. Fixed expenses are due every […]

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