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Don’t Fear The Future

Does all this negative news make you fearful? A study revealed that the reason many people suffer with high levels of stress is their constant consumption of news. A therapist coined it “headline stress disorder”. To combat it, we renew our minds with the good news of Jesus Christ and we live as wise stewards. […]

Savings Day – An Example

  It’s Build Your Savings Day. This latest crisis highlights our need to be better savers! Savers know that every dollar must have a purpose, or it will disappear.  They cut back on everything to pay off debt. They don’t buy new cars or bigger homes. They eat out on special occasions and don’t make […]

Crazy Money Day! Too Much House

It’s Crazy Money Day! Last year, 23 homes in the U.S. sold for $50 million or more. Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist says people buy big homes for several reasons.  • They outgrow their small one. • They get a promotion or raise and are convinced they need a larger home. • They want to […]

No Debt Wedding

Planning a wedding? Are you on a budget? A 2018 study by The Knot, showed the average American wedding cost just under $34,000. Now that’s a WHOLE lot more than Ann and I spent on our wedding! Most couples don’t have that kind of money, and it’s a lot to ask of parents. A wedding’s […]

Prepare For Long-Term Care

Are you prepared for the cost of long-term care? Some 70% of seniors 65 and over will need a form of long-term assistance in their lifetime. It’s not covered by Medicare. You can prepare by building your retirement savings. Maxing out IRAs and 401(k)s while working now will provide needed funds. Grow your health savings […]

Focus On Christ

Where’s your focus? On yourself or Christ? Anne Graham Lotz says, “If the needle of our compass is set to point to ourselves or to our circumstances, we will get lost.” She’s right. Many times, our financial problems are created by our self-reliance.  I have a friend who got caught up in buying lottery tickets […]

Savings Day – Downsize

It’s Build Your Savings Day. Downsizing could be the key! The “bigger the better” is a myth, and we see it in meal portions, vehicles and houses. Unfortunately, 50% of our budget goes towards housing and transportation costs.  In her book, Downsize: Living Large in a Small House, Sherri Koones shares about living well with […]

This Is Crazy!

This is crazy! Any Biblical advice for a financial crisis? Today, a special edition, on your financial questions since the coronavirus. Every crisis is our golden opportunity to be salt and light. 1st priority –  Double Down on Giving. Many family members, friends, and organizations are being impacted. We need to have an unprecedented outpouring […]

How To Survive Being Laid Off For 2 Months

I work at a hotel, and my employer had to send me home for the next two months without pay, how do I survive this? I’m so sorry that this is happening to you and thousands of employees right now. Here’s my advice: • Pray – It’s the best antidote to worry, and God recommends […]

Is the Sky Falling?

  Is the sky falling? When will this nightmare end? The sky is not falling! Better days are coming soon. Let me give you three economic scenarios:  25% of my advisors see a best case for a quick recovery in just about 45 days. About 80% expect a robust recovery, but it may not start for […]

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