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Financial Fear

Millions of people are fearful of their financial future. People worry about job security and whether they can pay the bills. Will they be able to afford the cost of medical services, assisted living, or help their children with higher education? How will negative interest rates affect their portfolios? Will the stock market crash? Christians […]

Hope When Things Seem Hopeless

Are your finances so bad that you’re tempted to give up hope?  Perhaps you identify with some of these scenarios:     You’ve got negative net worth     You have no emergency savings     You only make minimum payments on your credit cards     You’ve postponed health and dental work     […]

Common Financial Mistakes

Ever made a mistake with money? Painful isn’t it! I know I have. We’ve all made financial blunders. And some bigger than others! Investopedia gathered the 10 most common financial mistakes:     Excessive/frivolous spending     Never-ending payments     Buying a new car     Buying too much house     Buying anything […]

Is Anybody Up There?

Crown’s founder, the late Larry Burkett, was known for his frequent question, “Do you trust God, or do you just SAY that you trust God?” Today, Larry tells the story of a self-made man whose faith was put to the test.     You know, God offers help and direction in the area of finances, […]

Blameless and Shrewd

Think clever passwords will protect your accounts? Think again.   Cybercriminals are experts! Thus the need for two-factor authentication, or 2FA. It’s an extra layer of personal security for online accounts to protect you from the barrage of online hackers.  Besides a username and password, another factor must be used to gain access to an account. […]

Affinity Fraud Awareness

Are you familiar with Affinity Fraud? We live in a day and time when dishonest people target seniors, veterans, the military, and even faith-based organizations for financial gain.  The SEC says affinity fraud exploits the trust and friendship that exists in groups of people who have something in common. Fraudsters use different methods to gain […]

Savings Tips

Ever struggle with how to be rich towards God AND save for the future? Well, we’re actually to do both! In a parable, Jesus taught about a rich man whose life was taken from him. He said: This is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich […]

Teens Need Financial Training

Did you have a job when you were a teenager? I did. At 13 I was operating rides at an amusement park! Today, only 1/3 of Americans between 16 and 19 have paying jobs. More time is required for academics, extra-curricular activities, and service hours. And, more schools now run year-round. Many churches offer valuable […]

The Value of Work

It’s Crazy Money Day! And, today’s focus is a teenager whose earnings this year are over $1 million. This year, Cori ‘CoCo’ Gauff became the youngest woman to qualify at Wimbledon. As my wife and I watched her play, we were mesmerized by her skill and maturity on the court. Upon losing in her 4th […]

The Financially Attractive Mate

Are you wondering if a potential mate has his or her financial act together? There are several things to look for in a marriage partner. Priorities reveal a lot. How do they use their time? What do they treasure? Are they grateful people or do they live entitled? Are they givers? Are they savers? How […]

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