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Overcoming Financial Ignorance

How much home can you afford? How about automobiles? Do you realize that the amount we spend on these two items can make or break our financial well-being, and too many of us are, in fact, making choices that break us.  Today, Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett, identifies the reason for most of those bad decisions. […]

Give and Become More Like Christ

Pastor, author, and teacher Randy Alcorn says, “Gaze upon Christ long enough, and you’ll become more of a giver. Give long enough, and you’ll become more like Christ.”  Giving is a testimony to God’s ownership.  Look at it as a seed we plant in God’s garden that he then takes and multiplies. The amount we […]

Ready For Vacation

Covid-fatigued and ready for a family vacation?  A new study released by Expedia reveals that Americans are more vacation-deprived than ever. The average American employee took only 8 vacation days in 2020, the fewest number among 16 countries surveyed. Many respondents replied that it’s been over a year since they took a vacation. Some used […]

Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

One of my friends bought a new, high-end Tesla and loves it. He calls it the “iPhone of cars” because of its ease of functionality and superior performance compared to all other electric vehicles. Consumer Reports gives some pros and cons of electrics. They’re quiet and fun to drive due to their instant power. They can […]

Savings Day – Pay Cash For Cars

Are you saving to pay cash for a car? Once you pay cash for a car, you’ll never want to finance one again. There’s a lot of talk about electric vehicles. Governor Newsom of California wants to ban cars with gasoline engines by 2035. President Biden hopes to replace the government’s fleet with electric ones. Tesla, […]

Crazy Money Day – Tulip Mania

It’s Crazy Money Day! When people invest out of greed, envy, pride, or ignorance, things can get crazy! The tulip was introduced to Holland in the 1600s and the wealthy rushed to buy them. Speculators saw an opportunity. They entered the market seeking their fortune in tulip bulbs. What’s now known as Tulip mania occurred […]

Principles Given in Love

Do you intentionally ignore Biblical financial principles? Rather than living according to the financial principles laid out in Scripture, some people choose to do what’s right in their own eyes. Sadly, it only brings temporary happiness. Reading the Bible and meditating on it daily is transformational. It helps us guard our heart and mind so […]

Live Knowing Your Days Are Numbered

Do you live knowing your days are numbered? A close friend of my grandchildren recently died in a tragic sledding accident. His family and friends are suffering. In the blink of an eye, everything besides loved ones became meaningless. Everything faded in the light of eternity. In Psalm 39:4, David wrote: “Show me, Lord, my […]

Move Economically

Are you facing a move this year? According to The American Moving and Storage Association, a long-distance move costs an average of $4,300 while a local move runs $2,300. Are you hiring packers? Fork over $40 an hour or more. Throw in storage, temporary housing and it quickly adds up! Here are some tips that […]

Savings Day – Save on Fashion

Want to save money on your wardrobe? A small closet with quality clothes is better than one stuffed with cheap, trendy items. Fashion on a budget means you buy less, buy classic, coordinate and accessorize. Go through your closet and only keep the items that you’ll really wear. Sell, give or toss the rest. Make […]

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