Ask Chuck: Be Diligent to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Dear Chuck, One step forward and two steps back seems to be the story that describes all my efforts to achieve any financial goals. No matter how hard I try, discouragement overtakes me, and I am back to square one with too much debt, too little savings, and not enough motivation to keep trying!  Discouraged […]

Ask Chuck: Recession Fears Rising

Dear Chuck, The Federal Reserve raised interest rates—again. I’m hearing murmurs of a recession, and though most think it will be mild, it creates fear and trembling. How can I prepare myself?  Recession Fears   Dear Recession Fears,  Raising interest rates is a means to try to tap the breaks on inflation. It does not […]

Ask Chuck: Help Me Save More Money!

Dear Chuck, I know I’m supposed to save, but I really don’t know how I can or even why I can’t seem to make progress!   No Savings   Dear No Savings, Well, you are not alone. Saving money is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge for many. According to MarketWatch, nearly one-in-five Americans saved […]

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