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Are you growing in generosity? When it comes to giving, a number of verses motivate me. One is Proverbs 3:9. In the New Living Translation

Grow in Generosity

Have you rewarded yourself lately? The Lord understands that we’re motivated by rewards. In fact, the entire Christian life holds out the promise of the

Stay Motivated With Rewards

God can do anything! If you’re facing financial challenges, the best place to turn for help is to the Lord, and believe that He can

God Can Do Anything

Trying to become financially free? To be free, you need two character qualities: faithfulness and self-discipline. Luke 16:10 and 11 teach that God expects us

Be Financially Free!

It’s Crazy Money Day! Carol Patterson McIntyre checked out a book in 1969 because it was required reading at her high school. When it came

Crazy Money! $1000 Library Fine

Do you love your work? In 2016, Alice Graber, a 93-year-old South Dakota woman retired after more than seventy years working as a nurse. Her

Do You Love Your Work

Want to be a good and faithful steward? I’m giving you three simple words today. Embrace them in your heart, and they’ll set you on

Remember Three Words

Are you drowning in debt? You can begin recovering today with the goal of becoming debt-free. Determine that you don’t want to live like this

Are You Drowning In Debt

How diversified is your cash? CDs, or certificates of deposit, are cash investments that lock into an interest rate for a certain length of time.

Diversify Cash With CDs

It’s Crazy Money Day! Clayton and Carrie Law withdrew $4000 in cash to build a fence. They placed it on their kitchen counter and what

Crazy Money! Money Eating Dog

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