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If you’re a homeowner, you need title insurance.  Now there are two types of title insurance: there’s Lender’s and Owner’s. Lender’s title insurance is required

Title Insurance

Happy 4th of July! I have fond memories of a neighborhood parade we started years ago. It was a time to celebrate our freedom dressed

Financial Freedom

It’s Crazy Money Day! Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger openly denigrated cryptocurrencies at this year’s annual  Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting. Buffett said he wouldn’t pay

Crazy Money! Beware Bitcoin

Are you looking for a new job? Your work is an opportunity to glorify the Lord.  That’s good motivation to prepare for an interview with

Tips For a Good Job Interview

Do you have debt and are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Many people are experiencing economic turmoil. Let me encourage you. There’s a way out of the

Resolve to Stop Borrowing

Is your college student prepared to handle finances?  College is often the first-time young people are in control of their finances. Unfortunately, many are unprepared.

Prepping Students for Financial Independence

Did you know that understanding your child’s design can actually save you money? College freshmen often select majors that don’t match their interests. Many make

Save Money by Knowing Your Child

Have you ever thought, “Man, if I could just earn a little more money, life would sure be a lot easier. I could save more,

Control Your Spending Level

Have you collected any foreign currency? I’ve accumulated currency from traveling throughout various countries. I doubt that any is really collectible or even valuable. It

What To Do With Foreign Currency

Are you struggling financially? A trusted community is priceless when facing financial pain. They’ll hold up your arms when you’re weary and walk with you

Economic Value of Community

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