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Are you prepared for hard times? We have an enemy who wants to propel us into chaos and utter darkness. If Christians aren’t strong enough,

Prepare For Hard Times – Abide in Christ

God knows the heart. Some people try to manipulate God for great gain. Take Simon, a professed convert to Christianity. In the Book of Acts,

Love God – Not Money

It’s Crazy Money Day! A report from the Moran Company reveals that hospitals are charging an average 500% of what they paid for medicines. One

Crazy Money! Settling Hospital Bills

Had a financial check-up lately? I strongly recommend periodic financial check-ups. If you’re married, plan a time to meet together to discuss things in a

Financial Check – Ups

Have you been to an emergency room lately? Emergency room visits are expensive! They cost far more than going to an urgent care center or

How To Reduce Emergency Care Expenses

Do you suffer from financial anxiety? It’s possible that the reason you don’t have peace is because you’re holding on too tightly to money. You

A Key To Financial Peace – Giving

How are you investing? When you hear the term investment, you may think about stocks, bonds, and cash. Another investment alternative is posterity investment. This

Posterity Investing

It’s Crazy Money Day! One of my sons loves to shop for vintage treasure. Apparently, he’s not the only one. A factory-sealed first-generation iPhone sold

Crazy Money! Original iPhone Sells For $$$

Do you love like Jesus loved? Jesus focused his final instructions around a theme that’s repeated four times in the book of John, chapters 13

Jesus’ Example of Unconditional, Sacrificial Love

Are you helping the persecuted church? Did you know that approximately two-thirds of the New Testament references on giving apply to helping the poor, suffering,

Excel in This Grace of Giving

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