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What do your kids know about money? Educating children on how to handle money is only one of the skills you must teach them. Research

Teach the Children

Do you buy lottery tickets? I was once asked whether buying a lottery ticket was really that big of a deal. After all, winning could

Skip Lottery Tickets

Are you living “high on the hog”? I grew up hearing about people living “high on the hog.” It implies that they’re living in luxury

Living High on the Hog

Wealth can be a terrible burden.  The newly rich often confront unexpected problems and the appearance of new “friends.” Some suffer from stress in a

Sudden Wealth – Part 2

Do you dream of sudden wealth? Sudden wealth, can dramatically alter your life. Only by abiding in Christ and following His financial principles, can one

Sudden Wealth – Part 1

Diversification is good for you. God’s wisdom is greater than all of man’s. Ultimately, we must put our faith in the triune God and abide

Diversification Explained – Part 2

Are your funds diversified? If you’ve ever considered converting your portfolio to one particular item, think again. One listener wanted to trade his entire 401k

Diversification Explained – Part 1

It’s Crazy Money Day! A Vietnamese woman was sentenced to death for crimes going back to 2011. She embezzled $12.5 billion. That’s 3% of Vietnam’s

Crazy Money! Financial Scandal

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