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Whether you are struggling with debt, living pay check to pay check or not sure how God fits into your finances, we have resources to help you take the next step.

Budgeting & Spending

Download the Money Map

The FREE Money Map PDF download outlines your path to financial freedom.

The Easy Guide to a Budget You Love

Make a Budget You Love!

Are you ready to make a budget?  Use this easy-to-use guide to make a budget that works for you.

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Total Life Stewardship

Total Life Stewardship is an invitation to not just manage resources well, but to become a steward. 

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Essentials of Biblical Stewardship

As you learn to live in complete submission to God, your life will be transformed – defined by joy, generosity and trust in the Lord.

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Creating a Spending Plan

Creating a Spending Plan, is a time-tested resource that will enable you to easily set up a budget. Step by step, you'll feel more confident in a matter of hours. 

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Your Financial Planning Workbook

This fillable worksheet will help you determine your monthly expenses, build a spending plan, analyze your budget, and get out of debt. 

Crown Money Life Indicator

MoneyLife Indicator

Take the MoneyLife Indicator for FREE to gauge your financial health and learn a proven plan for improving your personal finances!


Eliminating Debt Book

Eliminating Debt

Eliminating Debt, is a time-tested resource that will enable you to easily create a plan to be debt free.

5 Steps To Debt Free Living 1

5 Steps to Debt-Free Living

A FREE video mini-course designed to help you get out of debt and stay debt-free.

The Complete Guide to Fixing Your Credit Report

This ebook is designed to give you useful resources to help you build healthy financial habits to improve your credit. 

Family and Finance

Family and Finances Series

Family and Finances teaches couples how to unify their hearts and finances. Be encouraged by honest, transparent, personal discussions on faith, family, money management, and more.

Raising Money Wise Kids Book Crown

Raising Money Wise Kids

You want the best for the kids in your life. And you know that setting them up for success — spiritually, financially, in every area of life — starts now. But how do you start the conversation?

Planning Your Legacy

 In your Christian walk with the Lord, you understand that through proper planning, the legacy of love and care that you leave for your family and friends can be encouraging and even inspiring. 

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Walk in Freedom

30 Days to Understanding God’s Design for Your Money, Identity and Purpose

Economy and Investing

Crown's Inflation Survival Guide

Inflation Survival Guide

Understand Inflation & Make a Plan to Thrive
Prices rising everywhere can cause anxiety, especially when your budget is being pressed to the max. The Inflation Survival Guide will help you understand:

  • What inflation is and why it happens
  • How to recognize inflation
  • Where the Bible addresses inflation
  • Practical ways to adjust your habits to combat inflation
7 Key Principles For Christian Investing Book

7 Key Principles for Christian Investing

A Christian approach to investing begins with an attitude — an attitude of seeking God’s glory. Indeed, our premise at Sound Mind Investing is that the number one priority for a Christian investor is to glorify God. Learn more about:

  • Christian Investing Acknowledges God’s Ownership
  • Christian Investing Advances God’s Kingdom
  • Christian Investing Seeks the Lord’s Wisdom
  • Christian Investing Enjoys God’s Blessings
  • And More!

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Crown's Vision

We envision a world filled with individuals, families, communities, and nations flourishing through the principles and practices of Biblical economic solutions.