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Understand Inflation & Make a Plan to Thrive
Prices rising everywhere can cause anxiety, especially when your budget is being pressed to the max. The Inflation Survival Guide will help you understand:

  • What inflation is and why it happens
  • How to recognize inflation
  • Where the Bible addresses inflation
  • Practical ways to adjust your habits to combat inflation


Crown CEO, Chuck Bentley, discusses inflation, why it happens, how to recognize it, and what the Bible has to say. 

Additional Resources 

Create Financial Margin

Save when spending

Apps like Upside and Ibotta can help you get cash back on day to day purchases, and websites like Squeeze that will shop your household bills to find monthly savings. Add Google chrome extensions like CapitalOne Shopping and Honey to ensure you’re getting the best price when shopping online.

Inflation Proof Your Career

Help with finding the right career path

Do you operate within a business that’s going to be safe for the long term if inflation continues? If not, you need to think about where God would have you work where you’re not as vulnerable. Discover how God wired you to work with Career Direct, a biblically based, statistically valid, career assessment. 

Generosity's Power to Alleviate Anxiety

Live Openhanded

It can be easy in an uncertain economy to tighten the purse strings and hold onto your resources, but giving is proven to increase peace and joy in the world.  Learn more about the significance of living generously by downloading our free resource, Generosity: The Key to Living a Significant Life

Increase Your Income

Income Ideas to Hedge Against Inflation

Starting a side gig is a great way to create margin in your budget and hedge against inflation. You also may want to consider implementing some passive income strategies. Bob Lotich, founder of Seedtime, makes some recommendations for this approach.

Christian Credit Counselors

Making Payments but Not Seeing Progress?

Since 1990, our trusted partner, Christian Credit Counselors, has helped to transform the lives of more than 300,000 families by helping them eliminate all of their credit card debt and find financial freedom. Their Christ-centered values and experienced team of friendly and professional counselors will help you make and execute a plan to live debt free!

Continue Learning

Crown Online

Looking for a way to learn more about biblical finances? Check out one of Crown's online courses! Explore course topics such as:

  • Debt Free Living
  • Budgeting
  • Marriage and Money
  • Youth Finances