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Ask Chuck: I May Lose My Job Over the Vax Mandate
by Chuck Bentley | November 5, 2021
Dear Chuck, If I do not get the Covid vaccine, I could lose my job with a federal contractor....
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Ask Chuck: Should I Pull My Investments in Chinese Companies?
by Chuck Bentley | October 15, 2021
Dear Chuck, I’ve been hearing a lot about Evergrande and the Chinese economic woes for months. Should I pull...
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Ask Chuck: Am I Saving Too Much?
by Chuck Bentley | October 8, 2021
Dear Chuck, I have been a saver for years. I was recently accused of hoarding money. What constitutes hoarding?...
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Ask Chuck: Should Bitcoin be in my Retirement Portfolio?
by Chuck Bentley | August 20, 2021
Dear Chuck, Although I don’t really believe in it, I am thinking of adding Bitcoin to my retirement funds. ...
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Ask Chuck: Should I Move for the Financial Incentives?
by Chuck Bentley | April 23, 2021
Dear Chuck, My wife and I want to escape the high taxes in California. She thinks we should look...
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Ask Chuck: Is it Sinful to be in Debt?
by Chuck Bentley | November 13, 2020
Dear Chuck, Is it a sin to be in debt? I feel guilty for having debt.  Not Debt Free...
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Worst Scenario
The Presidential Election and the Worst-Case Scenario for Investors
by Chuck Bentley | September 29, 2020
  I grew up with a generalized investing philosophy espoused by my grandfather: invest during a Democratic administration (market...
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Ask Chuck: Not Making Any Progress?
by Chuck Bentley | September 25, 2020
Dear Chuck, I had high hopes of making financial progress while working from home since March. I have a...
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Ask Chuck: Falling for a Scam?
by Chuck Bentley | August 28, 2020
Dear Chuck, I’m hearing more and more about financial scams…. I’m concerned about my daughter falling for one while...
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Ask Chuck: Is My 401(k) at Risk?
by Chuck Bentley | July 17, 2020
Dear Chuck, I am 46 years old. My company is closing its doors due to COVID-19. I have been...
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