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Ask Chuck: Best Financial Moves for the New Year
by Chuck Bentley | February 15, 2023
Dear Chuck, We want to start the New Year right when it comes to our finances. Beyond a “get...
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Ask Chuck: How Can I Save Money on Energy Bills?
by Chuck Bentley | October 28, 2022
Dear Chuck, It is already cccccold where I live. My heating bills are getting painful. Any tips to save...
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Ask Chuck: I Need Balance Between Work and Home
by Chuck Bentley | September 30, 2022
Dear Chuck, I work very long days and provide nice things for my wife and children. However, I’ve grown...
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Ask Chuck: A Simple, Effective Financial Plan
by Chuck Bentley | June 10, 2022
Dear Chuck,  I began participating in my company’s 401K when starting my first job out of college last year....
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Ask Chuck: Watch Out for Extended Warranty Rip Offs!
by Chuck Bentley | May 13, 2022
Dear Chuck, I bought a car a few years ago from a dealership. It came with a limited one-year...
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Episode 47: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom – Part 1
by Crown Financial | May 4, 2022
Episode 47: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom - Part 1 Crown Stewardship PodcastEpisode 47: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom...
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Episode 46: Earn, Manage, and Give with Joy with Bob Lotich
by Crown Financial | April 28, 2022
Episode 46: Earn, Manage, and Give with Joy with Bob Lotich Crown Stewardship PodcastEpisode 46: Earn, Manage, and Give...
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Ask Chuck: Should We Move South?
by Chuck Bentley | March 25, 2022
Dear Chuck, Many of our friends are moving to the South. We are reluctant to leave our family, but...
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Ask Chuck: Help Riding Out Inflation
by Chuck Bentley | February 25, 2022
Dear Chuck, Inflationary prices are hitting our family, and I am getting worried. What can we do to ride...
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Ask Chuck: Fail-Proof Financial Resolutions
by Chuck Bentley | January 7, 2022
Dear Chuck, I dread making financial resolutions every new year because I usually fail at keeping them. Can you...
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