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Investing in precious metals
by Crown Team | January 10, 2012
The stability of precious metals Eternally attractive to mankind, precious metals have found their principal use as a store...
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How to Make the Right Investing Decisions
by Guest Contributor | August 8, 2011
by Austin Pryor for Sound Mind Investing Having lived through the thrill of victory (the late 1990 bull market)...
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There is a time for everything…
by Guest Contributor | August 6, 2011
by Sound Mind Investing … and a season for every activity under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). The seasons of life...
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Seven-Step Solution to an Economic Crisis
by Crown Team | March 2, 2011
In light of the signs pointing to what some are calling the “economic crisis of a century,” an “economic...
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Should You Be Preparing a War Portfolio?
by Crown Team | February 20, 2011
by The Christian Financial Planning Institute Fear should never drive investment decisions. The smarter move is to stick with...
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Understanding Mutual Fund Loads and Share Classes
by Guest Contributor | February 20, 2011
by Austin Pryor for Sound Mind Investing What does it cost to buy mutual funds? That depends on how...
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The security you seek is in God’s economy
by Crown Team | February 8, 2011
In recent years, we’ve witnessed the world shifting like sand beneath our feet. We’ve been asking ourselves, “What’s happened...
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Every Spending Decision Is An Investing Decision
by Guest Contributor | January 2, 2011
by Austin Pryor for Sound Mind Investing We all would like great health and physical fitness, but only people...
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