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5 Mistakes that lead to debt
5 Mistakes That Lead to Debt
by Chuck Bentley | October 26, 2017
Have you ever thought about what causes debt? Most people who have accumulated debt didn’t do so on purpose....
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How To Use a Credit Card…The Right Way
by Chuck Bentley | September 27, 2017
You may be surprised by this, but I carry a credit card. Many people ask my why I would...
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5 Ways to Control Your Spending (Even if You’re Not Overspending)
by Arielle Vogel | September 26, 2017
I once asked my husband for some creative ideas on how to help us save a little extra cash...
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Why Financing is the New Layaway…and What the Bible Says About It
by Chuck Bentley | September 20, 2017
Do you remember “layaway”?   If you’re unfamiliar with the process I’m referring to, “layaway” was an option many...
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My Journey Out of Financial Bondage
by Megan Buerkle | September 12, 2017
“How did I get here?” Have you ever asked yourself that question in regard to your financial situation? Maybe...
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Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score
by Arielle Vogel | September 11, 2017
Do you know your credit score? Better yet, do you know what your credit score means? Or how to...
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The First Step to Financial Freedom
by Chuck Bentley | August 28, 2017
Have you been waiting to make a budget until you make just a little more money? Maybe you have...
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five little things that will make a big difference in your finances
The Five Biggest Little Financial Decisions To Improve Your Finances
by Chuck Bentley | July 18, 2017
Have you ever made a little decision that resulted in a BIG impact? I know I have. In 2015...
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What Does the Bible Say About Credit Cards?
by Arielle Vogel | July 10, 2017
The Bible contains more verses about money than it does about Heaven and Hell combined. Why? Because God created...
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how to get out of debt
How to Get Out of Debt
by Arielle Vogel | June 12, 2017
It’s been said that paying off debt is like eating an elephant – it can only be done one...
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