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Using credit cards for business expenses
by Crown Team | June 13, 2012
It is common practice in today’s business world for employers to reimburse employees for business-related expenses: hotel rooms and...
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by Crown Team | May 22, 2012
The term bankruptcy comes from two Latin words and literally means “broken bench.” Under Roman law, creditors divided up the assets...
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Can your kids graduate from college without debt?
by Chuck Bentley | May 21, 2012
By Chuck Bentley Just a few years ago, I sat in the University of Georgia football stadium as my...
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What the Bible Says About Borrowing
by Crown Team | March 6, 2012
In a recent survey of several seminary students, it was determined that 70 percent of those surveyed felt that...
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Such a Deal for You — The Fine Print of Obama’s College Loan Plan
by Chuck Bentley | November 4, 2011
By Chuck Bentley Millions of young Americans with student loan debt are about to make a deal without a...
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Identifying the moneychangers
by Crown Team | August 19, 2011
Matthew 21:12 describes an event when Christ drove the moneychangers out of the Jewish Temple of worship in Jerusalem....
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Foreclosures and repossessions
by Crown Team | August 5, 2011
Consumer debt is at an all-time high. What’s more, record numbers of consumers are filing for bankruptcy. Sometimes when...
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