Crown Money Minute Resources

Each step brings you closer to True Financial Freedom!

Here's What You Get

  1. A plan with 7 achievable and measurable goals
  2. Visible reminder of where you are, where you're going and how to get there
  3. Clear steps for paying off debts, saving for emergencies, major purchases, etc.
  4. Help a the way with online tools and advice to help you on your journey.


Make a Budget You Love!

You CAN make (and keep) a budget that works for you, and helps you reach your goals. A budget doesn’t restrict your spending – it gives you the freedom to spend. This guide makes it easy.

Do you have a money question?

Crown Financial Ministries is here to help! Call the Crown Help Line to speak to one of our staff members at 800-722-1976 or

30 Day Money Reset

Your one month challenge to develop healthy, biblical financial habits.

Debt Snowball Calculator

Save time and money by paying off your debts using the "rollover" method.


benefits of patience

Do you struggle with waiting? Maybe you’ve adopted an entitlement mindset. According to Dr. Christine Pohl: If we’re entitled to everything, we’re grateful for nothing. Patience is a virtue...

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