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Benefits of Patience

Do you struggle with waiting? Maybe you’ve adopted an entitlement mindset. According to Dr. Christine Pohl: If we’re entitled to everything, we’re grateful for nothing.

Patience is a virtue, a fruit of the Spirit and a characteristic of Godliness.

Paul told the Colossian church to clothe themselves in patience and be thankful.

Depending on God during times of testing makes us truly grateful for His provision.

Recently, The Motley Fool wrote: Debt is the financial embodiment of impatience. If you pay for something with debt, then that object or service is going to cost you a lot more when you include the interest. If you just wait, save up and pay with cash, then your finances will be better off. You’ll also feel better about your purchase.

I couldn’t agree more! Believers who learn to wait are able to build financial health free of the stress that debt brings. With self-control, they postpone their wants. They take care of their needs. They give, save, and invest wisely.

Patience gives you the ability to focus on goals to build your net worth. It strengthens your resolve to sacrifice your wants so God can spend you for His purposes.

You can delay gratification by keeping an eternal perspective and remembering that we’re aliens in this world – we’re just passing through. We can’t take our stuff with us, so stop buying what you don’t need!

If you struggle with self-control, I highly recommend Christian Credit Counselors. They can create a debt management plan for you to learn how to steward well. For more information call the Crown Helpline at 800-722-1976 or online at