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Don’t feed the lazy
by Chuck Bentley | November 18, 2011
By Chuck Bentley—The Washington Times—November 18, 2011 With the Tea Party, the issues were clear. Government was too big,...
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Biblical perspective of work
by Crown Team | November 4, 2011
Over a 50-year span, the average American spends about 100,000 hours working. A major part of adults’ lives is...
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Defining a Christian business
by Crown Team | June 5, 2011
Obviously, there is no such thing as a Christian business. A business is a legal entity, such as a...
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College Funding
by Crown Team | May 10, 2011
Rising education costs In 2006, the average cost of a 4-year private college education broke the $30,000 mark. This...
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Multi-level Marketing: Climbing a Pyramid or Building a Business?
by Arielle Vogel | July 29, 0206
Originally posted at Christian Post July 29, 2016. Dear Chuck, I’ve read your book The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible,...
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