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Should I Tithe on Gross or Net Income?
by Crown Team | January 17, 2023
Dear Chuck, My wife and I have always tithed off our gross income. A few years ago we made...
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What Does The Bible Say About Planning?
What Does the Bible Say about Planning?
by Crown Team | January 17, 2023
Planning is biblical. In Proverbs God says that someone who plans well will foresee dangers and avoid them, but...
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Protect Yourself from Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Scammers
by Chuck Bentley | September 29, 2020
Did you see the recent headline of three men posing as pastors to scam about 1,200 unsuspecting, gullible Christians...
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Why Getting Out of Debt May Be Overrated
by Chuck Bentley | August 23, 2020
Are you in debt? Do you feel guilty about being in debt? Most Christians probably know it is best...
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How To Reduce Financial Stress
by Chuck Bentley | July 30, 2020
With many things causing stress in today’s world, here is a short list of financial practices that will reduce your stress,...
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“Cash is King!” and Other Bad Financial Advice
by Chuck Bentley | May 28, 2020
“Cash is King!” is a popular financial phrase used to describe the strength of adequate cash flow or cash...
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The Upside of Unemployment
by Chuck Bentley | April 30, 2020
If you or someone you care about are among the millions of Americans who have recently been furloughed (usually...
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Money-Saving Tips for the COVID-19 Pandemic from your Crown Staff
by Megan Buerkle | April 1, 2020
The Crown team makes it a priority to “practice what we preach”. During this pandemic, as we recommend to...
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What the Bible Says About Saving
12 Secrets to True Wealth
by Crown Financial | December 11, 2019
Crown CEO Chuck Bentley Shares the 12 Secrets to True Wealth Learn the 12 Secrets to True Wealth! Chuck...
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5 Tips For Frugal Living
by Crown Team | August 10, 2018
Have you ever met someone who seems to always be able to turn nothing into something? We all know...
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