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Empowering Lives in Liberia: Transformation and Celebration

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We received  from Crown Alliance Partner Benjamin Tomah in Liberia, recently taught Crown materials to a group of 107 participants, and share this incredible story of impact:

“It was a very rewarding time of learning together from God’s Word. We taught the Crown Money Map on Friday afternoon followed by time of discussion. Participants were sincerely touched by the lessons in the material. Some of the highlights in our discussion were the value of family staying together and family sharing information with each other, honesty, and the importance of applying all the positive steps in life’s journey as outlined in the Crown Money Map. On Saturday morning 19 people were baptized. Then we had a parade in the village, climaxing with Easter Sunday morning service.”

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The Joy of the Lord!

In April of 2023, the Crown staff poured into the lives 20 people from Ntutile village. They are learning about farming, finance, family and faith. The Crown staff shepherded Ntutile towards a more sustainable life full of hope. When this group received a Bible for the first time in their lives, the JOY was uncontainable as they broke out in song! (Watch the video to experience the joy!)

Crown Leaders Share the Gospel with the Poor in Hong Kong

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Over the last year, Crown Hong Kong has expanded their outreach programs to minister to some of the people in their country with the greatest needs. They recently launched their first project to teach the Biblical Financial Study to low income families. Their first program targeted parents, all of whom were unbelievers. Crown Hong Kong was able to increase the participants’ financial knowledge and introduce Christianity in a practical way they could understand. 

Dr. William Chen, the director of Crown Hong Kong, passed along these comments from one of the unbelieving parents who took the class, 

The course is useful and interesting, it broadened our financial knowledge and helped us understand more about Christianity. The tutor presented the topic interactively and was easy to understand. The volunteers helped us with great care. We would like to join similar courses. The most interesting part was ‘How to classify spending and savings’ and ‘How do I get to eternal life.’ 

In just a few classes, this person was able to discover the Gospel, and now they want to know more!


7,000 Leaders Trained

Worshiper At Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of our partnership with Crossing Cultures International whose mission is to “to glorify God by equipping Christ followers globally with comprehensive training for effective ministry.” David Nelson, their President and Founder, shared:

“We are very happy with our partnership with Crown. Through these ten years, we have trained over 7,000 pastors and church leaders through The Bible on Money…We have seen pastors and churches have more resources and a better understanding of what the Bible teaches about money…We plan to take these teachings wherever God opens door for us, we want to train as many people as possible to be good stewards of God’s gracious gifts to them so that they can make more disciples and fulfill the great commission to glorify our Great God!”

Crossing Cultures International is bringing Crown’s teaching to over 34 nations, including Mongolia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, India, and some limited-access countries. And, it is thanks to our faithful partners that we are able to provide them with materials that help their ministry thrive.

The Malawi Flood

In March 2022, Tropical Storm Ana and subsequently Cyclone Gombe hit Malawi

Training Pastors in Tanzania

What you can’t tell from this photo is the resounding noise filling the room. Laughter, hands slamming down on tables, and feet rushing across the room are the melody behind these mens’ smiles. Meet three pastors from the Anglican Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro who have come together in Arusha, Tanzania to learn how they deepen their own understanding of stewardship, and how to raise up faithful stewards in their congregations. This scene is from the middle of a raucous Money Map game, where the pastors learn hands-on about budgeting. Crown partners have used this game to teach hundreds of people how to budget with a biblical mindset. Some groups have played for over eight hours! This game, which originated in Africa, is being spread to other Crown partners and is being developed to minister to kinesthetic learners around the world.

Crown Stewardship Center™- Venezuela

For years, Luis and Dina have been helping children who are suffering from extreme malnutrition, feeding 500 children weekly in their community in Venezuela. They are starting a Crown Stewardship Center™ in Venezuela. They traveled to the Crown Stewardship Center in Malawi to be trained in a complete stewardship curriculum for rural areas, which includes Resource/Money Stewardship, Environmental/Farming Stewardship and Business/Sustainability Stewardship.

In the picture, Luis and Dina harvest mushrooms during training at the Crown Stewardship Center in Malawi.

Please pray for them as they multiply their training through their communities in Venezuela to help the children and families in need.

Argentina – June 2019

Korea – June 2019

Indonesia – May 2019