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About Crown's African Money Map
The Crown African Money Map was a collaborative effort of a group of people who live in Africa and are passionate about seeing the millions of self-sustained farmers and entrepreneurs in their continent become financially free! It is based on the North American “Money Map.” 

It outlines the timeless principles of God’s Word concerning money presented through the story of Henry’s life. While Henry is a fictional character, the events of his life are realistic and extremely relatable for the people being served through this resource. It is inspiring; the reality of the obstacles and challenges he faces make this a fun and easy to follow story. Currently the African Money Map has been translated into French, Swahili, Portuguese, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Chichewa and Tagalog and will soon be offered in Malagasy, SiSwati, Tamil, Burmese, Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Shona.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
John 10:10


What Topics Are Covered? 

  • The Journey Begins - God calls me to go on a journey with Him. He has a perfect plan for my life. 
  • Ownership – God owns everything.
  • Work – Work is a blessing.
  • Spending – Understanding needs from wants and establishing a spending plan.
  • Debt – Understanding its negative impact.
  • Saving and Investing – Planning for the unexpected and the future, creating a discipline of denying ourselves.
  • Giving – Learning the joy of giving and being generous.
  • Knowing God – The key of a heart transformation. God is a good God and has a plan for our lives.
  • Honesty and integrity - The importance of creating a foundation based on integrity and honesty to see God move in our lives.
  • Leaving a Legacy – Planning to leave an inheritance for our children or our loved ones.
Countries Utilizing the African Money Map

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    South Africa
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    South Sudan
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    Throughout Africa
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Stories of Transformation

God uses the African Money Map to change hearts. We often receive testimonies of how the story of Henry allows farmers to identify the areas in their lives that needs transformation and healing. It is an eye opener for them that stewardship is not only applicable to money but to everything that God has entrusted us with: our relationship with God, our family, our work, our land etc. The Bible verses included in this material become a foundation in the lives of those who attend these sessions.

About Crown:
In the world’s economy, success is measured by what you have in your hand. In God’s economy, success is measured by what is in your heart. For us, good stewardship isn’t about ordering your life in such a way that you have money to spend on whatever you want. True stewardship is ordering your life in such a way that God has the freedom to spend you in whichever way He wants.

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