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30 Day Money Reset

Your one month challenge to develop healthy, biblical financial habits.


This 30 Day Reset is not a crash diet.

Crash diets don’t work. They only produce short-term results and can be counter-productive in the long-run.

Instead, you have to develop lasting habits, making steady and consistent changes to your daily behavior over time to see true transformation. This applies to your finances too!

That’s what the 30 Day Reset is about. It’s a guide to helping you develop healthy, biblical financial habits…and break your old ones. Hitting reset is good for all of us. God designed us to need to reset every 24 hours and every 6 days.

It’s more than just getting out of debt, creating a budget, or saving. It’s about transformation … finding true financial freedom.

You will make progress or accomplish all of those things – and more.

We invite you to join us and hit reset for your finances over the next 30 days. This challenge is focused mostly on your money but we believe it will bless you in other areas of your life as well.


When you sign up, you’ll receive a Welcome email with specific instructions. And every day you’ll receive:

  • An email linking you to a short devotional or explanation of a financial principle.
  • An action item to complete.
  • Easy access to all the previous days. (On Day 15, you'll be able to easily access Days 1-14, and so on.)
  • Resources, useful blog articles, and tools.
  • Access to the 30 Day Snapshot (a journal full of resources to help you keep track of your progress).

30 Day Snapshot


This reset is a commitment!  But it's worth it.  After 30 days you will have:

  • Less Debt
  • A Debt Payoff Plan
  • An Emergency Savings Account
  • A Budget
  • Short and Long-Term Giving & Savings Goals
  • A Deeper Understanding of What the Bible Says About Money