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Discover your perfect career fit in an hour or less, using Career Direct's Guidance System.

What if you could move forward in your career with confidence?  Imagine finding a career that you enjoy and find fulfilling...  Work doesn't have to be a curse.  It's a gift!

You Don't Need Another Self Help Book

Does your work feel like it’s wearing you down? Are you frustrated with your job but don’t know what else to do? Finding a job is hard enough, let alone finding a job you love. We understand the challenges of finding fulfilling work.

A lack of clarity and confidence in your direction can cause you to drift through life instead of enjoying each day. You don’t need another self help book, you need a solution.

Stop walking alone with no clear vision.
Start by knowing yourself and your unique gifting.

Over 250K lives have been transformed due to the clarity Career Direct offers. Statistically valid and scientifically proven, this assessment gives tangible answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself.



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Dive into your unique design, one hour from start to finish.


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Dive into your unique design, one hour from start to finish.


Find Fulfillment & Purpose

Dive into your unique design, one hour from start to finish.


How much is unclear career direction costing you? How many employers can’t see your potential in the sea of other candidates? How many people are passing up your talents? Can companies understand why they need your expertise and experience? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a life of purpose.




One-Time Fee

A personalized 1-on-1 consultation and report to identify your unique design trends.

Can you imagine being energized by your work, knowing that you're a part of something bigger, and fulfilling the calling on your life?

Becca's Story

Unsatisfied and searching for the right fit, Becca spent 8 years after college working for 4 different organizations. She was at a loss and confused about why her dream of working at a non-profit left her unfulfilled. After her Career Direct consultation, she had clarity. She saw that her career search was about knowing herself more fully, understanding her strengths and weaknesses, and finding a company that aligned with her values. Because of Career Direct, she is now in a position where she confidently pursues projects with renewed motivation.

We want your career story to have the same successful outcome. Job satisfaction starts with discovering what questions to ask.


Hate always having to avoid or skim over the “How’s work going?” conversation? Regularly facing that unfulfilled realization is taxing.

Don’t spend your days in a fog wondering if there’s a better career choice for you. Questioning your calling costs much more than your 9-5 workday- it’s costs your energy and your peace of mind. Wouldn’t you love to start your day excited about the work ahead, and wouldn’t you love to leave work energized for your family and friends?


Experience the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing your calling. Feel the daily motivation that discovering your purpose can provide.

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