Give Now


We are all called to be good stewards of what God has provided to us. This certainly applies to our regular spending, but it also applies to our giving. With so many needs in our world, it is important to be wise in our giving decisions. As you consider how God might be calling you to give, please consider the following.

Low Cost Per Person Taught

Your gift to Crown represents a very wise investment. Last year Crown was able to teach God’s Financial Principles to almost 10 million people, and it’s only a little over $4 to teach a person these principles. As a result of this teaching, Christians across the world are decreasing their debt, increasing their savings, and dramatically increasing their giving.

Your Investment Results in Increased Giving

Several studies of the graduates from our small group studies indicate that as a result of this teaching, students increase their giving by an average of 70 percent, resulting in millions of new dollars available for Kingdom work. Although it is difficult to measure the impact of our radio program, newsletters, books, and other products, there are thousands of testimonies received by us each year indicating people are increasing their giving to local churches, ministries, and missionaries as a result of Crown’s teaching. By giving to Crown, your gifts are multiplied and help to fund the Great Commission.

Thousands Accept Christ

Although evangelism is not our primary mission, as Christians we are called to teach all that Jesus taught us. As a result of the efforts of our small groups alone, we estimate that over 20,000 people have accepted Christ as their personal Savior annually. That fact, considered all by itself, makes an investment in Crown worthwhile.

Volunteer Leadership

Crown is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors. Each of these members has demonstrated a love for Jesus Christ and a passion to reach the world with the Good News. One hundred percent of Crown’s board members give personally to Crown, and none of them receive any kind of compensation for their services.

Personal Sacrifice

A remarkable number of the staff at Crown are working on a volunteer basis or are raising personal support. The majority of the paid staff earns wages well below what they could earn for comparable work in the private sector. In addition to that, 97 percent of Crown staff makes an annual financial contribution to the ministry. This is a powerful statement of confidence and belief in the ministry by the people that have the clearest view of how the ministry invests its resources.

Millions in Donated Airtime
Crown is one of the few radio ministries in the world that receives millions of dollars each year in donated airtime. This multiplies the effectiveness of your giving and allows us to reach millions of people across the US and throughout the world.

Practice What We Teach
Crown operates under the same biblical principles that we teach to others:

  • God owns it all and we are stewards
  • Crown never borrows money and has no debt of any kind
  • Crown builds an annual budget and monitors it carefully
  • Crown has emergency funds for savings, but uses the rest for ministry
  • Crown trusts in God’s provision
  • Crown seeks wise counsel when making important decisions
  • Crown operates with integrity.