Give Now


One of the great mysteries of Christianity is contentment. At least one must presume it’s a mystery because so few people have found it. Actually, contentment is an attitude.

Contentment is not being satisfied where you are.

It’s knowing God’s plan for your life, having the conviction to live it, and believing that God’s peace is greater than the world’s problems.

God wants us to understand that money is a tool to use in accomplishing His plan through us. Having contentment doesn’t mean you won’t have stress. You’ll experience stress in different capacities for your entire life and it is not always a bad thing.

But the majority of us experience the bad kind of stress about money. 85% of Americans are sometimes stressed about money, while 30% are constantly stressed about money. Someone once said, “whatever we worry about the most is what we trust God with the least”.

So if you’re constantly worried or stressed about money, surrender it to the Lord. This may be a daily habit you have to practice. But He’s the only one who can handle your finances and take away your stress. 

Today's action item:

Maybe you have significant stress about one area of your finances in particular – debt, retirement, mortgage, medical bills, your children’s education. Today, write down what stresses you out the most and surrender it to the Lord. Surrendering can be as simple as praying this prayer:

Lord, I know you do not require me to be stressed about my money all the time. I believe you have given me all the resources I have and I want to be a faithful steward to manage it all well. I’m struggling with wanting to hold on to ________ and need to surrender it to you. Help me to give it up to you and not take it back. Give me the strength to not be in control and to trust you to provide for my needs. Thank you for your blessings and provision. Amen.