My Best financial advice in one line

By Chuck Bentley

Two weeks ago I was in Zimbabwe speaking at a conference. I can’t help but come away from those trips with a much better perspective on many topics, including how I share biblical financial principles, our nation’s spiritual, moral, and political direction, as well as my own heart for “the least of these.”

my best financial advice in one line

While I was there, a young man asked me a very sincere question. He asked if I could give him my very best biblical financial advice in one sentence that he would never forget. Although I found it quite a challenge, I appreciated his excitement so I responded immediately.

Financial issues are caused by and must be resolved by matters within our heart. 

That was it. Full stop.

I could tell he was wrestling with my reply by the way he paused. He was expecting a totally different answer. He looked at me with a quizzed look on his face and said, “You mean, even if I cannot pay my bills, that is an issue of the heart?”

I said, “Yes. While paying the bills is a practical issue, it is likely that the reason you cannot pay them is caused by what you believe about money. I’m not trying to say that you committed a sin, which caused the problem you are facing; I am only trying to say we must always examine the root issue. The Bible gives far more emphasis to our heart than our wallet.”

So what about you? Have you ever asked yourself why? I encourage you to be honest with yourself and go before the Lord and ask Him, “Why am I facing the money problem that I have?” Allow Him to examine your heart. He will show you the root cause and the way out.

Originally posted 3/23/2015.