Jesus did not come into the world to create more Rich Young Rulers

By Chuck Bentley

Ever think about the financial advice that Jesus gave in Matthew 19 when He encountered the Rich Young Ruler?

* “Go sell everything that you have.” That probably arrested his attention, but there is more.

* “Now go and give it all away to the poor.” That may have caused a mild stroke.

Jesus did not come into the world to create more rich young rulers

How many financial advisors writing for prestigious financial magazines today are offering this as their best financial advice? Not many that I meet! In fact, the opposite is the case. Most financial advisors make their living by helping people to become rich young rulers, or at least happy baby boomers with a comfortable retirement package.

But Jesus gave this young seeker of eternal life the greatest financial advice ever given because he said one more thing we should not miss in their exchange:

“…and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”

The advice was to rid himself of all that was temporal to gain all that is eternal. And the man went away sad.

Don’t be so quick to judge him as arrogant or foolish. I think Jesus told this story for all of us. We should see ourselves in this picture. Now hear me carefully: Jesus doesn’t require us to get rid of our money and possessions, but He does call all of us to turn from seeking the riches of the world, to seeking Him and His righteousness as our first priority. Many ignore this advice and say it is for somebody with lots and lots of money; it can’t be for me! Well, if you are reading this, you are likely living in the richest nation in the history of mankind.. So yes, it is financial advice for you and me. Come, let’s follow Him!

Originally posted 7/21/2015.