Do you give 10% of your gross income?

By Chuck Bentley

Reports show that only about 8 percent of all Christians in the United States actually tithe (give 10 percent of their gross income to the church). Today, I want to challenge you to begin this practice. Before you roll your eyes and say it is impossible or accuse me of legalism, listen to my argument.

Many argue that the tithe is an Old Testament law that has no relevance. In Leviticus and Malachi where the tithe is discussed, it is presented as an opportunity for blessing or loss of blessing. It is not presented as a punishment. I don’t believe we are required by God to give; I do believe we are instructed by God that is it best for us to give.

do you tithe 10 percent of your annual income

The tithe is an expression of our commitment to God and His principles. To say that I believe God, trust Him as my provider, want to follow Him, and yet do not honor Him with a small portion of my income is contradictory. We need to give. It reduces our greed, selfishness, and materialistic desires. It brings us untold joy now and for eternity. It makes us better people. Our significance on earth is determined by what we give, not by what we gain. We spread the aroma of Christ, the goodness of God by giving to others. We show we are sincere when we love God with all of our heart, mind, and body.

So is your financial condition preventing you from tithing? Then change it. Get on a plan to make giving 10 percent to God’s work your #1 priority. Your bucket list should not be to run a marathon, visit your favorite country, or attend a concert of your favorite musician. It should be to begin to tithe. If you desire it with all your heart, you will put the steps in motion to make it happen. Go for it. It will be a decision that pays dividends in unimaginable ways now and for eternity.

Originally posted 5/7/2015.