China’s morality bank

By Chuck Bentley

I like to keep up with developments in China since Crown has a very strong outreach there. I found this story fascinating. China has opened what is called a “morality bank” to reward good Samaritans. This bank in a northeastern Chinese city has seen residents flocking to open accounts that enable them to exchange good deeds for free services.

Chinas morality bank

Anyone can accumulate credits with the bank, through tasks such as collecting plastic bags off the streets (10 points), handing in lost wallets (50 points), and donating blood (200 points).

Top credit earning deeds include helping others in a dangerous situation (300-500 points) and donating stem cells (1,000 points).

Credits can be exchanged for rewards such as a free haircut (150 points), home cleaning (500 points), or a health check (1,200 points). People who collect more than 6,000 points will win the accolade “Models of Community Morals.”

Critics say the program taints the purity of doing good deeds because of the materialistic nature of the scheme. However, proponents argue that rewarding good deeds is important in a society struggling with a “moral decline.”

I hope you see the connection to our Christian faith. God has set before each of us future rewards for our obedience and good deeds. This is not so we can earn our salvation, but to encourage us to be kind and generous to the needy. In reality, the Chinese bank is a tainted version of God’s morality bank. Be sure to make plenty of deposits!

Originally posted 6/9/2015.