Are you losing sleep because of money?

By Chuck Bentley

If you lie awake at night worrying about money, you’re not alone. According to a report by, 62 percent of Americans are losing sleep over at least one financial problem.

And even during the day, most Americans worry about money more than anything else. In fact, for many people, worries about money equal those of losing a loved one, according to a report by E*TRADE. And among financial worries, the most concerning was not saving enough for retirement. The research showed that Americans spend 30 percent of their time worrying about retirement funds—even more than personal relationship issues (20 percent) or loss of a job (18 percent).

are you losing sleep...

This is certainly not God’s desire—His Word tells us not to worry about anything! So here’s my advice.

Address the problem head on. Many times we are frozen from taking corrective action. By actually facing the problem and putting a plan in place, you will experience relief from the fear, worry, or doubts that are plaguing you. A plan can actually help prevent the problem you once fretted about, but even if it doesn’t do that, it will help you be ready if one comes.

Next, recognize that all worry is a fearful anticipation of the future. You and I cannot control the future, but God has given us two practical steps to take when worry has gripped our thoughts: First, Jesus said to live one day at a time. That means to keep our thoughts confined to the present. Second, cast your cares upon the Lord. Get on your knees and ask God to give you relief from the burden you are exhausted from carrying.

Now, get some good sleep.

Originally posted 7/13/2015.